20 Proven Tips: How to Make Nail Polish Last Longer on Natural Nails

Beauty can come from a ton of places; the heart, hairstyle, clothing design, skin, and even the lips, but one of the most iconic beacons of beauty are the nails. It is therefore no surprise that you and billions of other ladies in the world love to treat their nails to some exquisite manicure and pedicure. Nail polish is one of the elements of every mani-pedi, but sadly, it might not last as long as you want it to. You want your peng nail polish to last longer- that’s why you’re here, and frankly, there couldn’t be anywhere better for you to learn how to make nail polish last longer. 

Here are 20 proven tips on how to make nail polish last longer on natural nail:

1. Don’t Bite Your Nails

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Yea, you’ve heard this a couple of times already in terms of dentition health, but nail biting negatively affects the integrity of your nails, which reduces its affinity for nail polish. Biting other regions around your nails such as the skin and cuticles may also destroy your manicure vibe, so keep your mouth away from your fingers, and vice versa.

2. Never Skip a Topcoat

If your nail polish means anything to you at all, never forget to apply a layer of topcoat on your nails. Set an alarm for it or hire a human reminder if you want, but never let this very nail-healthy routine skip your mind.

3. Short Nails Win

Long nails, without a doubt, are more susceptible to chipping and breaking than short nails. So, if you want your nail polish to last longer, short nails should be your go-to option- tell that to your manicurist. 

4. Set a Strong Foundation With a Good Base Coat

Better not to build anything if the foundation is going to be weak right? Well, it’s the same in this case. Base coats are super important to the viability and strength of your nail polish, so using the right base coat for your nails will set you up with a long-lasting nail polish finish.

5. Try Vinegar

Oils on nails are one of the major reasons why nail polish tend to diminish in such short periods of times, however, there’s a very simple solution to that- Vinegar! Soak some cotton buds or wool in warm vinegar, and use it to clean the surface of your nails. It helps in eliminating the oils and other elements that may disrupt bonding of nail polish to the nails. 

6. Apply Two Layers of Basecoat To Your Nail Tips

Unlike the other parts of your nails, nail tips are really susceptible to damage. Counter this by applying an extra layer of basecoat to the tips of your nails to enhance its strength and resistance to chipping.

7. Reapply Topcoat to Nail Polish Every Two to Three Days

Topcoat application is not a once in a lifetime thing. So to extend the viability and beauty of your nail polish, ensure that you reapply your top coat once every two to three days. 

8. Apply Nail Oil Daily

Dry nails often split. You definitely don’t want this to happen to those fancy nails of yours, and you can avoid it by applying nail oil. It moisturizes your nails and protects them from any case of drying and subsequent splitting.

9. Learn to Roll Your Nail Polish Bottle

Although it might be hard to resist the temptation to vigorously shake it, you have to remember that it is a nail polish bottle, not a tambourine. It might not be obvious, but subjecting your nail polish to shaking creates hundreds of tiny air bubbles which subsequently cause a manicure disaster. Instead, gently roll your bottle and its content mix gently.

10. Wash Your Hands

Now this sounds like table manners or a virus-prevention slogan, but it is quite applicable in maintaining nail polish integrity. Oils on your nails act as a nail-nail polish barrier, and something as simple as washing your hands is a quick fix to avoid that.

11. Never Forget to Buff Your Nails

It seems quite obvious, but unbelievably, many forget. Nail buffing helps to create a consistency that just fits perfectly with any nail polish you apply. The fact that it helps get rid of natural oil buildup in nails increases its efficiency in making nail polish last longer on natural nails.

12. Avoid Applying Too Much Polish

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This is one of those situations where the saying, “There’s power in numbers” is absolutely wrong. There’s no need to mold a whole building on your finger nails in the name of manicure, it first of all looks terrible, and then comes crashing down in no time. All you need is just enough nail polish.

13. Gloves to The Rescue

Remember to wear gloves when doing the dishes to avoid contact with water and cleaning chemicals that may destroy your manicure. Lab scientists need gloves, but so do your finger nails too

14. Handle Nail Chips Before They Get Worse

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All the attempts to prevent nail chipping may end not being enough. However, don’t fret. You can prevent it from getting worse by filing your nail tips, make them even, and apply a fresh layer of top coat. 

15. Apply Your Topcoat While Your Nail Polish is Still Wet

This helps to seal your nail polish better, therefore increasing its lifespan and beauty for as long as you want. Avoid application of topcoat on nail polish, doing that would be cataclysmic for your manicure.

16. Dry Your Nails With Cool Air ONLY

This means no blow-dryers or mouth blowing on your nail to dry them. Leave your nails to dry at room temperature, under a fan, or from any other source of cool air.

17. Apply Polish on Your Nails ONLY

Avoid painting the skin and cuticles surrounding your nails, it subjects the polish on your nail to early lift off.

18. Avoid Soaking Your Nails in Water

Nails look hard on the outside, but they are made up of fibres that are permeable to water. Water causes nails to swell, expand, and prevent nail-nail polish adherence, so avoid any activity that may warrant you dipping your hands or legs in water for an extended amount of time like hot baths or swimming.

19. Apply nail polish remover even in the absence of nail polish to eliminate the accumulation of natural oils. Who knew natural nail oils could be such formidable villains? 

20. Avoid matte polish if you want your nail do-over to last

If you’re doing a mani for a long-term activity like a vacation, matte polish might not be the best option for you. Why? Well, it comes off pretty easily compared to others. 

You wanted to know how to make nail polish last longer on natural nails, now you know. Get your nail polish game on girl!

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