Easy Beauty: 8 Ways to Create More Volume in Your Hair

"Big hair," and by that, we mean great, voluminous hair is almost always in vogue. But sometimes, it is not that easy to get your hair in perfect shape. So that you succeed, we asked the stars of the hairdressing scene for their best tips for hair with volume - let's blow-dry together!

Why is my hair lacking volume?

The hair thickness and the hair density, i.e., the number of our hairs, are unfortunately genetically determined and cannot be changed. The structure that gives some voluminous curls while others suffer from flat strands cannot be influenced either. Nevertheless, our hair volume can be optically cheated wonderfully! We asked the experts about the most important tricks and the most common mistakes.
By the way: If you are not sure whether you have thin or thick hair, you should take a closer look at your braid. If it measures less than 5 cm and generally dries the hair very quickly, you have thin hair.

1. Blow-Dry Strand by Strand

If you want to freshen up the volume and make your hairstyle look more lively overall, try the round brush trick on dry hair:
⦁ Spray strand by strand with styling spray.
⦁ After spraying, turn the brush loosely by 360 degrees with each strand at half the twisting length.
⦁ Point the hair dryer briefly on the strand, then let it cool down.

2. Hair Curlers

Super effective on fine hair:
⦁ Take the strands of hair with the round brush and brush away from the head at a right angle.
⦁ Twist the areas on large curlers, blow dry and let cool for 20 minutes.
⦁ Style to the end.

3. Use Two Brushes at the Same Time

It is essential to use two round brushes at the same time! Then the hair can always be twisted in one brush to cool while you continue working with the other. For long and medium-length hair, choose brushes with a diameter of approx. 8 cm, for short hair it can be smaller. How to shorten the drying time: Use ceramic brushes with large air holes, so much more air is blown onto the hair.

4. Color Works Wonders 

A coloration with warm reflections for brunettes or light highlights for blondes creates more fullness visually. In addition, the cuticle of the individual hair swells up slightly during dyeing, which makes the hair more grippy and makes it look fuller. 

5. Wash More Often

Oily hair is the absolute volume killer. Especially in summer, when we sweat a lot, our hair has to bAlsore often. Maintenance products that clean effectively, followed by a thorough rinse, are very, very important. Then it will work with the desired 'Big Hair.' With the right care products, it is no problem to wash more shine and volume into our hair. 

6. Scalp Massage

Blow-dry upside down and massage the scalp with circular movements - that creates a lot of volume. Loosen the hair with your fingers until the hair is approx. 80% dry. Secure longer bobs with a bobby pin, twist long manes into a loose knot on the top of the head, and let them dry - creates a great volume after opening.

7. Blow dry against the direction of growth

To get more volume in our hair, we can also use a very simple blow-dry technique. To do this, we tilt our head to one side and blow-dry strand by strand or the hairline against the direction of growth. This hair dryer promises pure hair volume!

8. Use Hair Spray Correctly

If we use hairspray correctly, we can also conjure up more volume in our hair. Neither the haircut nor the length of the hair plays an important role. The hairspray is not sprayed onto the hair, but sprayed into the hair from below in parts.

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