Healthy Hair Washing Guide

Many doubts and questions may arise when caring for our hair, especially in transition times, such as summer or winter. In these cases, due to the sun, chlorine, or cold in winter, the hair can lose shine, be more brittle, and the ends tend to split. In short, these times are a good time to start taking more special care.

The Best Recommendations for Washing Your Hair

How to wash your hair for best results
Washing your hair is the first and fundamental step for us to have well-groomed hair. For this, it is necessary to take into account the following tips:

Use the Most Suitable Products

How do i wash my hair correctly
Depending on whether you have dry, greasy, dyed, or brittle hair, you should use the most appropriate hair products range.
This aspect is vital to consider because, just as we use one type of product or others for the face depending on the type of skin, the same must be done with the hair.

Apply the Mask to the End

cosmetologist recommended washing technique

When washing your hair, we also have to know that the mask or smoothing cream should not be applied to the scalp. This only has to be applied on the ends, and thus also the hair will be clean for longer.

Warm Water

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When it comes to wetting our hair to wash it, we should never use very hot water. Hair in this way tends to dry out. Therefore, it is preferable to use warm water and even in summer cold water.

Correct Amount of Shampoo

what happens when you wash your hair too much?
We may think that using more shampoo makes the hair wash better, and it is cleaner, but that is not true at all. It is best to take the size of a coin, which will be enough if you have a medium size mane. If you have very long hair, you may need a little more than that amount.

Apply with a Gentle Massage

The way we use the shampoo is also of great importance. It must be applied by massaging the scalp with the fingertips in a gentle way, and the nails can never be used to massage. This should start from the skull and reach the ends so that all hair has a shampoo.

Rinse With Plenty of Water

Once the shampoo has been applied and it takes effect, it is time to remove it with cold or warm water and abundantly until there is no shampoo trace.

Apply the Mask

After removing the shampoo, you can choose to apply the shampoo a second time if the hair is dirtier than necessary, or apply the mask or conditioner directly to the ends and rinse again.

Air Dry Your Hair

When it comes to washing your hair, you also have to know how to dry it. Whenever possible, it is preferable to do it outdoors and only use heating devices if they are expressly necessary.
It is vital that, when using the hairdryer, we do not bring it too close to the hair.

Using the Brush Properly

Both before and after washing your hair, you have to brush it. It is important to detangle the hair before washing it, so we help the shampoo penetrate better, stimulate blood circulation, end up with product residues, and avoid tangles after washing it.
Similarly, after the shower, and with the hair still wet, it is essential to brush it.
Once we have clearer everything related to washing our hair, there are other questions to answer.

Is it good to wash your hair every day?

More than once, surely, we have asked ourselves: How many days do I have to wash my hair? Or is it good to wash your hair every day? Well, concerning these issues, there is no basic rule that can be applied, and that is valid for all women. Whether we have oily or dry hair, it will have to be washed more or less frequently.

We could say that, unless we have an important event or the hair has become more dirty than necessary, it is not good to wash it every day to prevent it from becoming dehydrated due to the oxidation caused by the water in the hair fiber.

Depending on whether the hair is greasy, it will be convenient to wash it one day and another or not for two days and one day. In any case, it is not good to wait until it is excessively dirty since the skin of the face will be more oily, and pimples can come out.

If you have drier hair, washing it two or three times a week is enough. When the hair starts to get dirtier, we can always use the trick of making a ponytail.

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