6 good ways to protect hair from moisture

Some hairs are simply very difficult to handle. They do not have formed curlers, but they are not smooth either. They do not have good mobility, but they do have a lot of volume. But all types of hair - whether straight, curly, dry, or greasy - have one thing in common: humidity affects them.

Battling the humidity of a hot day can seem impossible. However, it is not. Today we give you 6 infallible tricks to protect your hair from moisture. Get ready to say goodbye to frizz forever.

Prepare well

It all starts in the shower. First of all, you have to make sure that you are using the right products for your hair type. There are those who say that salon shampoos are the best, but many brands like  Pantene present many options for each type of hair. Keeping your hair hydrated is extremely important, since this way, your hair will not have to expand to absorb moisture from the environment.

Work with your stylist

A proper haircut can save you a lot of hassle. There are various styles that could help you look great. A Bob -  long in front, short in the back - can hide all your frizz problems. In the same way, perhaps your stylist can recommend that the best option is not to try to control frizz, but to use it to your advantage. A few Carrie Bradshaw curlers or a stylish afro can make you look fabulous. 

Remove excess water

Don't rub your hair with the towel. Squeeze out the water with your hands and wait. If you are in a rush and need to dry your hair as soon as possible, use a microfiber towel. In this way, you will not be rubbing and marking the hair, avoiding frizz. It is very important that your hair is completely dry when you leave the house. With dry hair, you will have a less porous cuticle and less susceptible to frizz.

Use a good iron

Your hair dryer doesn't have to be of superior quality, but the straightener with which you straighten your hair does. Why? A bad straightener can pull your hair, break it, dry it, and even burn it out beyond repair. Some consistent users recommend the BaBylissPro ™ Nano Titanium ™ 1-1 / 4 ″ Titanium-Plated Straightening Iron. If you iron your hair frequently it is very important that you use a good quality straightener.

Use Anti-Frizz

Although this seems obvious, using a good anti-frizz can take away a lot of headaches. The anti-frizz keeps the hydration inside your hair, preventing it from drying out and expanding in search of more hydration. Make sure you buy the spray can format, this way, you don't have to damage your hairstyle or ironing. The anti-frizz also has high nutritional levels, which will keep your hair hydrated, shiny and silky.

Keep your hair up

This does not mean that you cannot enjoy your wonderful mane. Precisely the opposite. If it seems like the day is particularly humid or hot, and you must go to a meeting or a gathering for which you must look radiant, tie your hair with a loosely fitted clip or ribbon. This way, your hair will not be exposed to external threats such as wind, pollution, and humidity. Let your hair down shortly before arriving at your meeting. You will look simply fabulous.

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