how to grow your nails faster

Because a nail has broken, because the manicure was too intense, because the nails naturally take a long time to grow, there are many reasons for wanting to grow your nails faster. But how to speed up nail growth? Our solutions.

Normal and regular nail growth

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A healthy nail grows an average of 4 to 5 mm per month. The pace is a little slower for the toenails. However, this can vary from person to person.
It is possible to influence these to accelerate nail growth.

Nails that don't grow: the role of diet

how do i grow my nails faster
Nails that do not grow often suffer from deficiencies. Reviewing your diet is a simple solution to stimulate nail regrowth.
It is then necessary to cut them regularly.
Faced with these situations, by providing more vitamins and minerals for a few days, the nails can regain vigor and more dynamic growth. A natural way to find it is to eat foods that contain it: dried fruits, legumes, dairy products, etc.
Once the situation has improved, it then becomes possible to ensure rapid and regular regrowth of the nails.
It alone makes it possible to find in sufficient quantities the nutrients, vitamins, minerals necessary for the nails' health and growth.
A balanced diet thus nourishes the nails from the inside and allows them to find everything they need to develop and stay healthy.

Care to grow nails

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Several treatments can be applied to the fingertips to boost nail growth.

Castor oil for nails
Castor oil is a fatty oil that is a nourishing treatment for the nails. Applied in massage, it penetrates the surface of the nail to nourish it in depth.
It is possible to combine lemon juice or argan oil with castor oil.

The mixture of olive oil and lavender essential oil
This involves heating a few spoonfuls of olive oil and adding a few drops of lavender essential oil. This mixture constitutes an excellent fortifying treatment for the nails, and which is very pleasant to apply with its sweet fragrance.

Preserving your nails

how to grow my nails
Aside from care, there are several other solutions to protect your nails on a daily basis.

Apply a base coat varnish
The base coat is this transparent varnish that you apply under your nail polish. It serves to fix the colored varnish better, but it also constitutes a protective layer for the nails.

Protect your nails from aggression
The nails are often in contact with products that can attack them, such as household products such as paints, solvents, etc. Wearing gloves allows them to avoid such contact, which weakens them.
After such manipulations, it is important to wash your hands and nails thoroughly. Massaging with a moisturizer helps soothe the blows and small damages they may have suffered.

Wear natural nails regularly
The manicures repeatedly weaken nails.
Therefore, it is advisable to let your nails breathe, leaving them natural regularly, time for them to regenerate.

Fight the urge to bite your nails
Onychophagia, or the act of biting your nails, is obviously a hindrance for those who dream of having beautiful long nails. However, it is a hard habit to fight. There is bitter varnish to put on the nails to fight against this urge or this irrepressible need successfully.

Treat your cuticles

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The cuticles are these small skins present on the edges of the nail and pushed back during a manicure.
However, the cuticles play a protective role for the nail. It is, therefore, a question of softening them and pushing them back with delicacy. Above all, it is better not to cut them.
The nails grow according to a natural rhythm, but which can be slowed down or accelerated by various elements. Eating healthily, protecting your nails when handling aggressive products, moisturizing them, letting them breathe, protecting them with oil baths or a base coat are all tips to reinvigorate them, accelerate growth, and to be able to carry them long.

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