How to reduce inflammation of a pimple in any area of the body

Reducing inflammation of a pimple in any area of ​​the body is necessary when they begin to be painful, when they are large or when they become infected. If we handle them, in addition, we run the risk that they become even more inflamed and even leave a mark, for this reason, we must always try to treat them carefully. If you have suffered from this condition and want to know how you can reduce inflammation of a pimple in any area of ​​the body, carefully, do not miss all the remedies that we indicate below. 

Deflate pimple with ice

One of the most effective options to reduce inflammation of a pimple anywhere on the body is to apply ice to reduce inflammation. However, you should only be careful to apply the ice wrapped in a cotton cloth, since doing it directly on the skin could cause a burn that would worsen the situation. 

When you apply the ice cube, let it act for at least 5 minutes and the inflammation will begin to reduce little by little. 

Deflate grain with garlic and lemon

Garlic is one of the remedies that will help you deflate a grain easily. In addition to being bactericidal, it is excellent for exerting a calming effect on the area as it heals. The lemon also powers this power bactericide and healer, so that both together are an excellent choice.

In order to put this remedy into practice, we must mix two cloves of garlic and a few drops of lemon. The resulting paste will be left on the grain for at least 15 minutes. We can repeat this remedy at least twice a day to remove pimples quickly.

Deflate pimple with toothpaste

The fluoride present in toothpaste is a compound that has anti-inflammatory properties. In this way, you only need to apply a little toothpaste on a very red pimple for this chemical compound to begin to take effect. 

On the other hand, by applying the fluoride in the toothpaste, you will make the pimple heal more quickly. Then, when the toothpaste dries, you can clean the area with water and repeat the procedure until it disappears.

Deflate grain with black tea

The black tea is an excellent beverage with multiple properties for the skin, which is characterized by the presence of a substance known as tannin. Tannins have the particularity of exerting a calming effect in the area where they are applied.

In this way, you must apply an already cooled black tea bag on the grain for them to take effect. Place it on the grain and let it act for a few minutes. You will notice how the inflammation little by little begins to go down. 

Desinflamar wheat with aloe vera

The aloe vera is a plant with the highest number of properties. One of them is its calming effect that helps the pimples that appear in any area of ​​the body to deflate more quickly. 

To do this, you must directly cut an aloe vera leaf from a plant and make a cross section to be able to extract the gel directly. Apply it on the affected area and let it act for several minutes. You will notice the difference.

Deflate a pimple with eye drops

For those of us who use eye drops for our eyesight, this remedy allows us to reduce the redness of the pimples and, incidentally, inflammation.

You must be careful and put it in the affected area for a greater effectiveness of gout.

Remember that you can prevent the appearance of these annoying pimples if you carry out a proper cleaning routine, washing your face with mild and neutral soap and exfoliating every so often to prevent pores from clogging. In this way, you will improve the health of your skin.

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