Most common makeup oversights

Although sometimes we feel that we are not professionals when we are doing makeup in front of the mirror, we hope to at least know the basics. On the other hand, there are times when we feel that no one can do us makeup the way we really like.

We inform you that the reason for this may be that you are, without knowing it, violating some of the cardinal sins of makeup. Don't you know what they are? We show you some of the most common mistakes we make when putting on makeup.

Wear waterproof mascara every day

You may think that waterproof mascara is great for a working woman like you every day. But the truth is, waterproof mascara dries out your lashes and causes them to fall out. It is an ideal option if you go to the beach one day or if - unfortunately - you have a funeral. In the market, there are many options that last more than 24 hours and that remain fixed despite the heat, sweat, etc. So put the waterproof mascara aside, and leave it only for certain occasions.

Wear expired makeup

Makeup has an expiration date. If we use an expired product, we are risking irritating our skin or eyes. In addition to these dermatological consequences, expired makeup will not have the same effect. Mascara will not lengthen your lashes properly, and your lashes may feel clumpy. The base will fall off quickly with sweat. Check the expiration date very well, but if you can't find it and you have had that favorite mascara since school, it is best to put it in the trash immediately.

Do not hydrate

Always remember that the skin on your face is extremely delicate. There is no better way to look good than to feel good and be healthy. So before applying foundation, mascara, bronzer, concealer, remember to wash your face well, exfoliate and hydrate it. In this way, you will guarantee good makeup absorption and prevent your skin from looking dull and dry. Also, remember that hydrating the skin is the best way to prevent wrinkles, so it is also important to drink plenty of water.

Using bronzer as a base

The bronzer is just wonderful to give you a radiant look to your face, but if you are applying throughout the skin on your face, I must inform you that you're not doing well. The correct way to apply bronzer is only under the cheekbones or in the shape of three, from your forehead to the chin, creating a frame of bronzer on your face. Another common mistake is using a bronzer that is too dark for your skin tone. Although bronzer is used precisely to add color to your face and give it dimension, overdoing it will have catastrophic results.

Apply concealer first

Concealer should be applied after foundation. In this way, your face will already be hydrated, and you will be able to see exactly where to apply concealer. Also, if you apply the concealer before the foundation, you will be spreading the concealer all over your face, and the skin on your face will look unnatural and very opaque.

Makeup with your fingers

This is one of the most common mistakes. We tend to apply foundation with our fingers. This may be the quickest and easiest way to do it, but the result will not be uniform as expected. Use a makeup sponge to distribute the foundation over the skin of your face properly. In addition, using the sponge, you can guarantee that your makeup lasts longer and has a more natural look.

Apply powder all over your face

This error is quite common, and it occurs since many people do not really know the purpose of each product. The powder is used to dull the face. Foundation or concealer should not be substituted for powder, as this will result in a dry, unnatural face. Apply powder only to your T-zone, and leave your cheeks free for a more natural look and maintain the elasticity of your face.

Apply lipstick without exfoliating

Sometimes we are in a hurry, and we do not have time to pamper our lips. But to have magazine lips, we must work with them before giving them color. Exfoliate them slightly while in the shower. You can do it with a little olive oil and sugar or coffee, and this way, you will be exfoliating and hydrating at the same time. Once your lips are as soft as cotton, you can proceed to apply your favorite color.

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