Permanent lip makeup is it possible?

Many people use makeup on a daily basis. And who wouldn't want to wear fabulous red lips every day? If you are one of those who cannot leave the house without lip color, surely you have thought about doing permanent lip makeup.

But before making such an important decision, it is essential that you know everything about this modern practice. Really worth it? Is it safe? Can everyone do it? Is it a good solution, or is it a glitch?

First of all, let's start at the beginning:

What is permanent lip makeup?

Permanent makeup, also known as micropigmentation, is a cosmetic procedure that involves permanently applying color to the lips to eliminate the need to apply makeup. It is a procedure that many people who enjoy makeup, but suffer from allergies, opt for.

The process consists of applying the desired pigment through the tattoo technique on the skin that covers the lips. To have the desired result, several sessions are usually done. In the same way, it is recommended to retouch the pigment every five years.

What are the benefits of permanent lip makeup?

Many people have been delighted with the procedure. With micropigmentation, you can show off your lips in your favorite color 24 hours a day, without the need to constantly apply makeup, suffer mishaps such as rolling your makeup or getting your teeth dirty.

What are the disadvantages of permanent lip makeup?

Like any permanent procedure, the lip tattoo is a lifelong commitment. Many people have seen the unpleasant situation of classifying the procedure as "a serious mistake" since they have not enjoyed the desired results and are forced to pay for a laser procedure - a very expensive and painful procedure - to recover their lips to the natural. On the other hand, many people eventually get tired of the color applied.

Complications can also arise during the application of micropigmentation. Like all tattoos, some risks such as bleeding, swelling, pain, and even infection are expected if the area has not been properly sterilized. Also, if the procedure is not performed properly, scars and keloids may remain.

Where can I do permanent lip makeup?

Many cosmetic centers perform the procedure. Although many of these cosmetic centers are certified to perform these types of procedures, and many do indeed do a good job, it is best to go to a trusted dermatologist. Dermatologists are medical skin specialists, and although they have higher fees for the procedure, they are the ones who guarantee good advice and a good performance of micropigmentation.

What is the cost of applying permanent lip makeup?

The costs vary from country, city, and even cosmetic centers. The cost depends on the experience of the technician performing the procedure and how many sessions are required for the desired color. Costs can range from $ 200 to $ 800, depending on these factors.

Is it a painful procedure?

This depends on the pain tolerance of each person. Before starting the procedure, the technician must apply a cream that numbs the area. However, like all tattoos, some discomfort is expected during application and in the days to come. Remember that lip skin is particularly sensitive, so be prepared for some discomfort.

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