Step by Step: Make an Evening Makeup to Perfection

The makeup for the night is more loaded, you can perfect the contours, dark eyeshadows, strong lipstick, and marked outline. But if you do all of this at once, you run the risk of getting heavy in your hand and getting over the top. That perfect makeup for parties and ballads requires balance and dedication. Keep an eye out for the tips!

Previous care

  • Wash your face carefully with a mild soap.
  • Use a good facial tonic to close pores and remove oil.
  • Moisturize your skin with sunscreen, moisturizing lotion or gel.
  • To close, spread a primer that will help to fix the products.

Prepare the skin

Now the real game begins. Skin preparation is essential to get a good result. After all, it will serve as a backdrop and needs to look like silk. For this, you will apply the products in the following order:

  1. Base
  2. Liquid Paper
  3. Compact powder (if you like)
  4. Contour powder
  5. Illuminator
  6. Blush

The design you will make of your skin with the help of the highlighter and contouring powder will bring out your strengths and mask any imperfections. Therefore, it is very important to know the correct areas in which to apply each product. 

Highlight for the eyes

Now you go to the most difficult part and also the one that will show your work the most: the eyes. If you are going to use a strong lipstick or a very glossy one, you can even mark the lines of the eyes well, but take your eyeshadows lightly and opt for discreet and lackluster tones. So the final result will be balanced.

If you are going to use a light or matte lipstick, very opaque, or just gloss, you can mix several shades of eyeshadow and abuse the shine. Remember that dark tones are only on the mobile eyelid. In the concave, you can apply brown and beige tones - just to blend. And on the eyelid below, the eyebrows go with light and illuminating colors.

Reinforce the outline after applying the eyeshadow and finish with a good mask for eyelashes, applying several times until they are well drawn. If the event is fancy, like a wedding or graduation, you can also invest in false eyelashes.

The final touch is on account of the illuminator that you apply discreetly in the corners of the eyes and just below the eyebrows.

Highlight for the mouth

If your choice is to make that wonderful mouth, remember to take your eye shadow colors lightly. The initial tip is: beat a little powder on your lips before applying the pencil and lipstick. It will help hold the color longer.

Then use the pencil to draw the outline of the lips in a shade that is more closed than your lipstick color. Then spread the lipstick well and finish with an illuminator above the lips, just in the region below the nose.

Don't forget to always carry your lipstick in your purse to touch up after eating or distributing a few kisses around.

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