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We're constantly looking for simple tricks and hacks to make our makeup look better. The eyebrows must definitely not be neglected! After all, these frame our eyes and, depending on the shape, can optically change our facial features.

Therefore, it is worth investing a little more time in the care and styling of this facial hair. In the end, you save time with the rest of the makeup. We show 3 steps to the perfect eyebrow.

The right care for full eyebrows

With sparse or short hair, applying makeup on the eyebrows is, of course, more time-consuming. A bit of care is required to bring the brows naturally full and in shape. If you've plucked too much, some of the hair will grow back slowly. Lean growth is primarily genetic.

Nevertheless, eyebrow care, for example with castor oil or an eyebrow serum *, can optimally prepare the skin and hair roots for growth.

Tweezers * will help to bring the bushy brow back into shape. However, caution is advised here! It is better to do less plucking and check the shape several times than to remove too much hair.

Full eyebrows with an instant effect

For instant fullness and definition, turn to eyebrow color. Whether in powder, pen, or cream form - with a product in brown, you can shape and fill your eyebrows perfectly. It is advisable to pay attention to the right color here. This should either match your natural eyebrow color or - for statement brows - be a shade darker. 

Don't feel like putting makeup on your brows every morning? No problem: with a permanent eyebrow color * you can tint your eyebrows for a long time.

This is how the eyebrow styling lasts all day

So that the styling in the morning ensures a lasting, beautiful 24-hour effect, the eyebrows should be fixed with mascara or pomade. With mascara for the eyebrows * You can get in shape this also: Brush the hair upwards for a large lens. You can achieve a natural look with a transparent gel, while a brown mascara offers a little more fullness.

The secret to perfect eyebrows

There will probably never be such a thing as a miracle cure. But: With simple tricks, eyebrows can be optimally set in scene. The secret is taking good care of your facial hair. It is sufficient to treat them daily with a nourishing oil or a special brow serum. These care for the skin and hair and can even stimulate growth. So you get full wow brows without much effort and a lot of makeup.

For the look, you can help with a little paint and fixation. The immediate effect is provided by eyebrow pencils or permanent coloring. You can conjure up a little more fullness and volume in your brows with an eyebrow gel.

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