When to dispose of cosmetics

It's easy to think that cosmetics will be there forever. That lipstick that you bought years ago and with which you only painted twice, can be used anytime you need it. Or that that cream that you did not like so much you can use next Christmas.

Nothing to see. Cosmetics expire, and when they expire, they change their color, texture and, above all, can cause skin diseases and allergies.

It is not convenient to use your cosmetics when they have been open for a long time. Likewise, it is not convenient to treat them badly. For example, if you leave your makeup bag in the car, in the sun, you can be sure that it will affect the components.

It is best to dispose of your cosmetics in any of these circumstances:

Due date

The cosmetics also have an expiration date, which you can easily see on the box. They usually have a picture of a pot of cream and a number followed by the letter M. That means the number of months the product can be used from the date you first opened it. Even if you didn't open it, chances are there will come a time when even if you've never used it, it starts to degrade.

Every time you buy a cosmetic, check the date on the number. So you will know how long you can use it. Another option is to put the opening date marked with a small tape on the container, so you will always have it in mind.

Change in smell, color, or texture

You bought a foundation, a blush, a lipstick you didn't pay much attention to. One day you decide that it is time, and you see that the base is cut and not emulsified. Don't even think about removing it to put it back together. It is better to throw it away because its date has arrived.

If you notice a significant change in color, it may be for the same reason if it is a blush. It is decomposed.

In the case of lipsticks, the usual thing is that they change the smell for an unpleasant one. Once you feel the smell of spoiled lipstick, you will know perfectly well that it was not the right one. Better put it in the trash.

After illness

Maybe you had an infection that took several days to develop, or a style, or a herpes. Fortunately, you're cured, and you're fine. But during the days before your illness, you used a mask, foundation, or lipstick. How do you know that your cosmetics are not contaminated? In that case, we recommend that you discard them. You will most likely have a relapse because the bacteria are still in your cosmetics. The price of a cosmetic is very low, and it is not worth getting sick again to save.

By the way, that's another reason why you should never share cosmetics with anyone, not even your best friend. Cosmetics are as personal as your toothbrush.

Estimated dates

Each cosmetic has an estimated duration. The mask lasts as little as three months. The eyeliner can last six months. Powder shadow and compact powder, on the other hand, last two years. If the shade is in cream, it does not usually exceed a year and a half. A pencil eyeliner can last a year and more. The liquid foundation is only one year long . And lipsticks last up to two years.

Brushes and sponges

Brushes and sponges can also contribute to spoiling cosmetics. It is convenient that you always have them impeccably clean. Brushes should be washed once a week with a special soap. Then you remove the moisture and let them air dry on a towel.

The sponges, in turn, should be washed every other day to avoid skin irritations.

It is best if you have two sets of brushes and sponges so that you can use one while the others dry.

Cosmetics are always in contact with your skin. Taking care of them is taking care of your dermis. If in doubt, it is better to discard them. And if you notice changes in color, texture, and smell, they are absolute proof that they have already reached their useful life.

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