LinkedIn Profile Tips: What the Best LinkedIn Profiles Look Like

Humans are dynamic creatures by nature. From the wheel, to the telephone, internet, and every other accomplishment since the inception of humanity, there has been a visible growth in human lifestyle, and LinkedIn is just further proof of how well we evolve. 

Introduction to LinkedIn

LinkedIn is an online service that simply connects employers to employees and vice versa. It provides an avenue for individuals to socialize in a professional way, share achievements, and develop a career. Think of it as Twitter for business purposes.

Why Do I Need LinkedIn?

If you’re a creative or certified professional, LinkedIn is one of the best ways to reach out to a plethora of individuals in need of your services. You can showcase your skills, talents, accomplishments, certificates, passion, craft, experience and reviews with a well-constructed LinkedIn profile, and you can be rest assured that fellow individuals on the platform appreciate such.

It is a perfect platform to create professional relationships with individuals in your niche as well as other spheres of life. You can reach out to an unending amount of individuals on an issue or event via photos, videos, and even articles. It is the perfect way to reach out to the world, and you should really consider creating a LinkedIn account to get started, that is, if you haven’t.

How Do I Get started?

Simple. Create a LinkedIn account and set up your profile.

However, that’s the simple part. Creating a profile is one thing, but setting it up for full optimization is a different ball game and you cannot afford to be clumsy or unorganized in the process.

What you need to realize is that your LinkedIn profile is the way the world sees you, your personality, skill, certifications, and talents. This means you need to invest heavily in creating a profile that speaks highly of you as a professional, and makes it easier for employers to discover your page. Yes, you’re busy chasing the bag, attending to customers, and getting about your business, but think of your LinkedIn profile as a way of getting better deals and meeting new people that will challenge you and make you a better professional.

The best profiles on LinkedIn have a few things in common. Things that make them striking, evident, and professional. You need to be cognizant of these factors and apply them in creating a stand-out LinkedIn profile, and this article is the perfect resource for you.

Here’s How to Create One of the Best LinkedIn Profiles:

  • Add common keywords and terms in the “Skills section”

Here, you’re trying to deploy some SEO. Recruiters and employees on LinkedIn search for individuals that match a particular set, and they do this by running searches on certain keywords and terms. Individuals with these keywords and terms in their profile pop in search results and get interviewed for the jobs at hand. 

Image Source: The Balance Careers

This part is very pivotal in creating one of the best LinkedIn profiles. If ignored, you’d be creating an invisible and dormant profile, which cripples your chances of being discovered at all. The creators of LinkedIn obviously know the essence of keywords, and that’s why they allow you to add up to 50. Use them all. Add specific and common terms that you would search for if you were looking to hire your service.

  • Upload a Professional Profile Photo

Your profile photo is the first thing 98% of all recruiters see, so you want to create a good first impression with it. The picture has to be clean, crisp, recent, and friendly, but not goofy. Wear something corporate or an attire that describes what you do, but keep it quiet and simple. Your recruiter is looking at about 10 profiles at once. Your profile picture should catch their attention and make them want to check your profile and subsequently contact you. Nudity isn’t an option.

Image Source: LABPhotography

Pro Tip: Headshots are the best for a LinkedIn profile photo.

  • Write a Superb Headline

Alongside your profile picture, the headline is the first thing recruiters see when your profile pops up in their searches and you have to win them with it. In news stories, headlines are what introduces the content of a story to the reader, and depending on how engaging it is, the reader may decide to continue or discard the story. Now, we don’t want recruiters discarding your profile, so you have to create something that gets them going. Your headline doesn’t have to only read “Fitness Expert.” Recruiters often want to see the person behind a profile. Not just a tag, job descriptions, and certifications. Of course they want to see all these, but they aren’t enough to convince recruiters. Talk about the value you provide, an accomplishment, something like “Bestselling writer for ….” or “The frontier of exquisite travel experience for every human with the dream to cross boundaries.”

Do not only write something generic.

  • Tell your story with your summary

First, NEVER leave your summary box blank- you’d be better off walking through the Sahara desert in hopes of finding someone to hire you as a deep sea diver.

Your summary is your chance to talk about your skills and how passionate you are about what you do. Describe how you plan to make your skills or certifications matter, your goals, aspirations, strengths, and the value you give to every individual or organization that hires you.

Describe yourself as a professional and a human. It helps creates a connection with recruiters.

  • Create and grow a network.

LinkedIn is a platform for networking, so use it efficiently. You need to communicate and create professional relationships with other individuals on the platform and one of the best ways to do that is to reach out first. Send a personalized connect request to established professionals in your niche by visiting their profiles, clicking on the “connect” and sending a request. Remember that these people don’t know you, so keep compliments short, and go straight to the point. Something like “Good day Mr. Harry, your work really inspires me. I have become a better professional just by reading your article on Quantum Mechanics, and I’d love to connect.” Simple. Short. Precise.

You also have to post relevant and relatable content from time to time. It helps keep your existing connects, and attract more that love the information you dish out. You can also create and grow a network by putting your LinkedIn URL on your social media. Social media is not all about memes, banter, and nudity. There are individuals that may take an interest in personality or professional disposition, and want to connect with you in a more professional way.

Here are some other elements the best LinkedIn profiles have:

  • Professional recommendations
  • Shares and comments on posts
  • Educational background
  • Publications
  • An impressive list of professional experience

You can also create an impressive LinkedIn profile by simply checking out what works for other individuals in your nice. Search for professional in your area of expertise, go through a couple of profiles, and integrate the elements in those profiles in yours.



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