How To Brand Organic Products Effectively For My Business

The rise of organic products more than a decade ago took the world by storm by serving as a healthier and green substitute for the synthetic products that had already flooded the markets. Organic-based products are now elements of every aspect of our lives including skincare, food, clothing, and so on. Years ago, there wasn’t much competition in the world of organic-based products, but in recent times we have noticed fierce rivalry due to the rise and of many brands and innovations in organic-products.

If you run an organic-based product business, you should know that there’s a pool of companies that want to take the niche you’ve created for your brand, so you need to be unique in your approach for you to remain relevant.
What you need to do is to brand or rebrand your company. Anyone that works for you. Branding is the soul of your business and it should definitely be top of the list in your books.

Here Are A Few Tips To Guide You On Your Branding Re Branding Journey

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Create A Target Audience

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One of the many mistakes that diminish the effects of branding is trying play savior to everyone in the market; it makes your brand look all over the place. The cold, bitter truth is your product cannot save everyone; of course, you can diversify and create new products for another target audience, but don’t try to make a single product work for an undefined range of people. Many of the big brands we see today didn’t make it big by trying to satisfy everyone- no, they stick to a particular audience and put in great efforts to satisfy and make them loyal customers.

Understand The Needs Of Your Target Audience

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The amazing thing about innovation is that it seeks to solve existing problems, and that should be the driving factor for the branding of your organic-based product. Take an online survey of the challenges that your target audience face with the existing products, try to solve these problems and integrate them in the best way possible in your branding. For example, many skincare products contain ingredients that may be allergic to a number of people in your target location. What you need to do is to be aware of this problem, and find ways to solve it without losing focus. For example, you could create two forms of your organic-product- one with the allergen, and the other without. That way, you’re creating two target audiences because you understand their needs.

Drive Towards Perfection

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There’s no such thing as perfection, but you can always drive towards it. Consider the constituents of your organic product- crosscheck, double check, confirm the scent, feel it, taste it, use it… Constantly make conscious efforts to ensure that your product comes out great- check the material and designs on the packaging- would you love it if you saw it on a counter while shopping? Make honest and unbiased assessments about your products, and go back to your drawing board if you realize that it doesn’t hit the mark or fit the values that you’re trying to preach.

Tell A Story

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Customers love nothing more than a good story about organic-based products, and you can always deploy that in branding your business. It could be your story- what pushed you to start producing organic or food products? Was it a health problem? An epiphany? Highlight the details of your story in a passionate tone, but making sure not to sound pitiful. Has your product greatly changed the life of someone? Tell their stories too!

Never Sweep Social Media Under The Rug

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The world is in a digital era with a ton of possibilities for you to explore and exploit. Social media has grown to become one of the most powerful tools for branding and marketing, plus, there are potentially millions of people surfing the internet for products just like yours. Put your product on the map and integrate the core values of your brand- pictures, logos, videos, brand mantra/slogan, links to your website or an affiliate website- add them all to your brand’s social media platform. Creating an online presence is one of the first steps for any business out there, and you’d be severely limiting the potential of your brand if you swept it under the rug.


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You don’t want to get your customers thinking like “Is this the Index brand?” In fact, that thought should never cross the minds of your customers and it lies in your branding uniformity to make sure it never happens. Create some uniformity on all your marketing platforms including social media, TV and radio adverts, memos, billboards, packaging design, web copy, and even complimentary cards. You probably already know this, but you cannot create two or more entirely different logos for your business- it confuses the costumer. Try to use uniform colors and conversational tones too, even for different products- the products may be different, but the brand is the same. Always remember that. Branding is all about creating consistency, and you must make sure not to deviate from it.


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Being a brand means creating some level of trust and assurance in the minds of your customers, and what better way to do that than by having a certification label on your brand. Think of it as a royal seal that confers authenticity and legitimacy on your organic-based product, and at least, it’ll assure people that your product won’t burn their faces or cause food poisoning when they make use of it. However, you have to gain certifications from sources that resonate with the same perspective as your brand. You don’t want to bea non-GMO brand, while your certification label says vegan. 

Be A Brand Model Yourself

 This point isn’t trying to say that you should always get in front of the camera for product photo shoots, or slap your face on every campaign or packaging design. All it is trying to say is live the life you want others to live- make use of your products, and let people see the results. Despite the thousands or millions of dollars you might spend on branding, you have to realize that you are the best advert for your brand. So live the life of your brand and let people see it. Kanye rocks Yeezy slides a lot- now you know why. 

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