Cheapskate Guide: Is It Cheaper To Take An Uber Or A Taxi?

From internet services and food delivery to real estate, marketing, and sports, every single sector that makes the world tick is changing at an unprecedented rate, and the rise of a ride-hailing company like Uber is just further proof of an evolution which in this case targets the transport sector. Conventional taxi rides are in a fierce competition with Uber services, and although it seems like the latter is in winning the battle, there are still many individuals who prefer to wave down a cab. 

Expenses are one of the factors that govern choosing between Uber and taxi rides, and in some cases, it can be quite difficult to determine the cheapest option between the two. If you’re living on a tight budget you definitely want to look out for ways to cut down costs, even if it means sacrificing luxury. You might want to take a look at your transportation costs to choose the most cost-effective option for your pockets. The truth is, you have to consider the possible factors that may affect the cost of an Uber and a taxi, and use them to your advantage. Some of these factors include distance, traffic/weather conditions, time of the day, and geographical location. So the big question is...

"I’m trying to make the most of the little I have with me, which option should I go for, UberX or a taxi ride?"

To be frank, it depends on the amount of time spent in getting to your destination. On an average day, UberX is the best option when it comes to pricing, but in case you haven’t noticed, every day is not an average day.

For better understanding, think of it this way: Depending on your package, pricing for UberX can runs on time-based rates, so the longer you stay in an Uber, the higher the cost, with a few exceptions. This means that if you were to be stuck in a horrible traffic, passed a wrong route, or experienced terrible weather, the implication would be you paying more- which is not at all the same with taxis. Basically, UberX charges per mile and per minute, and it doesn’t matter if you are moving or stuck in traffic during the period of travel, meanwhile taxis charge per mile while moving and per minute when static.

Distance Is a Key Factor

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For long-distance trips with seamless movement like inter-city travels, UberX is definitely the cost-effective option while taxi rides should be your go-to option for inter-city trips. Mind you, you would spend a lot more on transport if you took UberX instead of taxis in congested cities known for slow traffic or traffic jams like New York, Chicago, Boston, and Philadelphia. Also, compare to taxis, UberX is perfect for less traffic-congested cities like Wisconsin, North Carolina, Texas, California and Lincoln.

Weather Conditions Also Play a Role

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Weather conditions like rainstorms and snowstorms may also increase the charges of UberX since these conditions may hinder the seamless movement of vehicles. There are countless cases of extreme charges due to delay by unfavorable weather conditions, so to avoid this, choosing a taxi is probably the best cost-effective option for you. You don’t want to pay the price for a first-class international plane ticket for a 20-minute drive home because the clouds in the sky decided it was time to empty their bowels. 

Holidays and Events Equal More Expense

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One of the best strategies to make profits is to exploit a surge in demand for a particular service, and UberX definitely have this in their arsenal. Festive periods such as New Year’s Eve and Easter come with a lot of movements within and outside cities, and sometimes there aren’t enough cabs to handle the pressure. In response to this, UberX often increase their charges since they know people don’t really have a choice, especially at nights when everyone is in a hurry to get back to their families. The fact that these festive periods may escalate traffic conditions makes it an absolute nightmare to choose UberX services, so it’ll be best to stick to taxis. This situation is called a price surge, and it doesn’t only happen during festive periods.

In Conclusion

Generally, Uber is considered the most cost-effective option, and it offers some sort of added comfort too. However, you have to consider the current conditions to ensure that Uber is the cost-effective option at the moment, if it is not, then taxi rides are your go-to option.

Uber is often regarded as a smart transport option, it is up to you to ensure that it is.

Disclaimer: The content of this article is not an attack on any target enterprise or business organization, the article simply aims to identify comparisons between two transport options, nothing more.

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