10 Celebrity Dog Houses That Are Better Than Some Homes

When it comes to pets, celebrities don't spare any expense. They are treated the same as their family members, which means they must have a luxurious lifestyle and the best properties, yes you read that right.

Believe it or not, these little dogs have houses equal to or more luxurious than their owners', and they love them! Well, anyone would like to live there, because the spaces are full of comforts and small details that make them very cozy. These are the 10 mini-mansions where famous dogs live.

Paris Hilton

Paris Hilton's puppy mansion has two floors. There is a small living room, and upstairs in the lower part is a bedroom and a closet to store the costumes that you buy for the pet. But that's not all, it also has miniature furniture, air conditioning, and even crown molding. The little house cost no more and no less than $ 325,000.

Kyle Richards

Kyle felt that her dogs deserved all the luxury in the world, so he made them a small castle. The house is furnished and very spacious, even Kyle can come in to see how his little best friends are doing.

Wilmer Valderrama

Demi Lovato's ex gave his dog a strange but very novel home. It has two floors and a ramp so that the furry can enter and exit very easily.

Rumer Willis

Bruce Willis' daughter wanted her dog to have a unique and cute space, so she had him build an adorable camping house with little chairs and a mini grill to decorate the place.

Rachel Hunter

The model had a farm-style house created for her dogs with a very beautiful design. It cost her $ 30,000, and she happily paid the sum.

Kylie Jenner

Kylie loves her two dogs very much, and although the design of the house that she ordered them to build is not the most beautiful of all, it is a huge one, a person fits there easily! The mini-house has air conditioning and heating so that your pets do not suffer from changes in the weather.


The Jersey Shore star paid $ 12,000 for a nice house for her pets. It is an illuminated space with beautiful white and pink curtains that cover the heart-shaped windows, as well as two beds so that they sleep comfortably.

Tammy Kassis

Tammy is not a star, but she became famous when she introduced the house she built for her dog. It cost her $ 20,000 and is definitely worth every penny for how adorable it is.

Peter Jackson

The famous executive producer of the film The Lord of the Rings fell so much in love with the story that he had a replica of Frodo's house built for his dog.

A mysterious millionaire

This Texan businessman wanted his dogs to have all the luxuries and comforts possible, so he ordered them to build a house that had air conditioning, electric light, and even a bone-shaped pool so they could cool off on hot days.

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