15 Hollywood Hunks Who Are Not Afraid To Show Their Love Of Fatherhood

Dad is our favorite hero, without a doubt. For him, we are his princesses, and obviously, he is the king of our hearts, because how can we deny that he does everything possible to see us happy?
This is something that does not change in celebrities because some celebrities do everything to pamper their little ones, and although we see them very rude or detached from family life, the reality is different, and these photos show it.

Chris Hemsworth

Chris Hemsworth with his kid
We all know him as Thor, the God of thunder, but in addition to that, he is the father of three little ones, to whom he gives all his love whenever he can.


Jay z as a father

Jay Z is married to Beyoncé and is the father of three children, whom he shows with great pride. They are beautiful and lucky children

David Beckham

david beckham with his siblings
In addition to being a soccer professional, we can see in many of David's photographs how he adores his children, so one of his favorite activities is spending time with them.

Mark Wahlberg

mark wahlburg lego photoshoot
Mark is the father of four children: two girls and two boys, who are very fortunate to have a father like him, since he does everything to keep them well.

Dwayne Johnson

He is known as The Rock, but he stops looking like the tough man we always see in fights or movies when he is with his two little girls. It is impossible not to melt with the love he gives them.


Justin Timberlake

justin timberlake with his kid
Justin is quite reserved with his son's life, but on the occasions that they have been seen together, he only exudes love for his little children.

Jensen Ackles

You sure remember him from his role as Dean Winchester in Supernatural, but unlike Dean, Jensen is a man who loves to play with his children and looks great in his role as a father.

Ryan Gosling

Ryan is a homelike man who not only shows a great work commitment, he also shows his family, as he assures that his daughters deserve great parents and he should be.

Mark Ruffalo

mark ruffalos kids
Mark has three children who are not so young anymore, but that does not mean that he gives them less love, because, without a doubt, he always finds a way to have fun and be together.

Ashton Kutcher

ashton kutcher loving his kids
Like Justin Timberlake, Ashton chooses to keep the lives of his little ones in privacy, although we can see that he is very happy being a father.

Neil Patrick Harris

neil patrick harris kids
Neil is the father of a pair of twins, who were born to a surrogate mother. The truth is that we know that she wastes love for them because her Instagram is full of beautiful photos with her little ones.

Channing Tatum

We could make a comparison like The Rock, because like him, Channing looks quite tough, but once he is close to his little girl, we can see how he loves her.

Chris Pratt

chris pratt's kids
The famous Star Lord is not very given to showing his little one in public, but on the occasions when he has been, we can only observe the great affection and love he gives him.

Jack Black

Surely you remember him from the School of Rock movie, and although it may seem that he is a careless man, the reality is different, since he takes care of his children for what they are: the most precious thing for him.

Ryan Reynolds

ryan reynolds kids red carpet shoot
Deadpool is married to Blake Lively, with whom he has three beautiful daughters, to whom he shows his great love whenever he has the opportunity. Also, we can note that without a doubt they are the princesses of the house.

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