12 Movies that demonstrate the talent of Robert Pattinson; not everything is 'twilight.'

Born in London in 1986, actor Robert Pattinson began to gain attention as Cedric Diggory in the hit Harry Potter franchise and then dominated the world internationally with his success in Twilight, the film in which he played the handsome vampire Edward Cullen.
It was this role that launched Pattinson to stardom, but since then, the 34-year-old actor has tried to establish himself as a serious artist, taking complicated roles in different films. Here we show you his 12 best productions.

The Devil All The Time

A young man named Arvin makes sure to protect his family in a town full of corruption and evil characters who seek to take advantage of them. Pattinson plays Reverend Preston, a pastor with evil intentions.


In 1955 a young photographer, played by Pattinson, develops a close connection with actor James Dean while taking photos during the early days of his successful career in the Hollywood world.

The Childhood Of A Leader

robert pattinson childhood leader
An American boy living in France with his authoritarian parents witnesses the creation of the Treaty of Versailles, which changes his beliefs while developing a drastic change in his personality and towards the people around him.

The Haunted Airman

robert pattinson in dark lighting
Pattinson plays Toby Jugg, a pilot who suffers a terrible accident during World War II, which causes him to experience a series of vivid hallucinations that make him doubt his own judgment.

Water For Elephants

He plays Jacob, a young man who joins a traveling circus as a veterinarian after his parents die. His boss is a violent man who controls everyone based on fear, including his wife Marlena, with whom Jacob falls in love.


robert pattinson in a suit
A young billionaire takes the easy road to self-destruction as he tries to deal with his own life, a failed marriage, and health problems, leading to a financial crisis that changes the course of his life forever.


robert pattinson with a gun
The protagonist is a secret agent who embarks on a dangerous mission playing with the timeline, aided by Neil, who is played by Pattinson, to prevent World War III.

The Rover

middle aged robert pattinson
Pattinson plays Reynolds, a man who is forced to help the lonely Eric, who seeks revenge on a group of criminals for stealing his only possessions in a world where civilization has reached a tipping point.


He plays Samuel Alabaster, a pioneer who travels across America to marry the love of his life, Penelope. But as he travels through the east, his journey begins to blur the lines between heroes, villains, and damsels in distress.

Good Time

robert pattinson looking old
A bank robber does the impossible to save his brother from prison, to the point of engaging in an odyssey through the dark criminal world of New York. Pattinson stars as Connie Nikas.

The Lighthouse

robert pattinson old wsestern black and white
This film in which he plays Thomas Howard tells the story of two men who have the task of taking care of a lighthouse in New England during the 1890s, which will be a challenge, as they will have to try to keep their sanity in that remote and mysterious place.

How To Be

robert pattinson long hair and young
Art, played by Pattinson, is a 25-year-old who can't find a solution to anything. His girlfriend has left him, his career as a musician does not take off, and now he has been forced to return to live with his parents, which drives everyone crazy.
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