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The British Royal Family is among the most talked about, popular and important in the world. It occupies the top of the most famous royal families in all countries. It also has the most precious assets, such as land, castles, and even laws, which only apply to them. People around the world are curious to know what life is like for royalty and what happens inside the castle walls.

Therefore, productions that have the royal family as protagonists are always a success among the public. "The Crown" is a biographical series about the reign of Queen Elizabeth II. The series has been critically acclaimed for its performances, direction, script, photography, and historical accuracy of the events that took place during the reign.
Also, the actors' similarity to people in real life is also an attraction in itself. That is why we show here the similarity of some actors with the real members of royalty.

1 - Elizabeth Debicki - Lady Diana

 Elizabeth Debicki - Lady Diana
The Australian actress has the same charisma as the People's Princess. We know that Lady Di is a world icon and that even after her death in 1997, she remains very present in the culture. So Debicki's challenge was quite big. At least one thing she can rest assured that she really looks like the Princess of Wales.

2 - Claire Foy - Elizabeth II

Claire Foy - Elizabeth II
The actress was not well known before joining the cast of The Crown. She gave life to a young and inexperienced Elizabeth II. And it took two seasons to make sure that Netflix made the right choice. So much so that Claire won a Golden Globe for her performance

3 - Olivia Colman - Elizabeth II

Olivia Colman - Elizabeth II
The Oscar-winning actress plays the queen in a more mature phase. Olivia's talent and character impress and makes the actress look almost like Queen Elizabeth II in real life.

4 - Josh O'Connor - Prince Charles

Josh O'Connor - Prince Charles
Prince Charles has several plots in the series. From his suffering, in his formation as a prince, to his complicated marriage with Lady Di. And Josh O'Connor plays Charles magnificently, and he is strikingly similar to the real prince.

5 - Matt Smith - Duke of Edinburgh

Matt Smith - Duke of Edinburgh
The actor plays Prince Philip of Edinburgh. And the character fit like a glove for Matt, who put out his adventurous and partying side.

6 - Tobias Menzies - Duke of Edinburgh

Tobias Menzies - Duke of Edinburgh
In the most mature phase, Philip is played by Tobias Menzies. The actor shines in his role alongside the villains.

7 - Vanessa Kirby - Princess Margaret

Vanessa Kirby - Princess Margaret
The actress managed to give the character two qualities that marked her life, elegance, and rebellion. And without a doubt, Princess Margaret is one of the most nuanced characters in the series's first two seasons.

8 - Helena Bonham Carter - Princess Margaret

Helena Bonham Carter - Princess Margaret
The princess is played by Helena Bonham Carter. Some criticized this choice because the actress was younger than the character. However, the actress did a great job with her fun acting.

9 - Emerald Fennell - Camilla Parker-Bowles

The actress begins the series playing Camilla Shand, the name and maiden. But it ends as Duchess of Cornwall. Camilla's trajectory until reaching her real title is the most interesting to follow in the series.

10 - Victoria Hamilton - Queen Mother

Victoria Hamilton - Queen Mother
All the details of the Queen Mother in the series are incredible. The actress went through many hours of learning and characterization. Her performance was brilliant and will always be remembered. Victoria gave life to none other than the mother of Queen Elizabeth II.

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