cute photos of celebrities with their neices and nephews

Nephews are those blessings that come to make your heart stop with excitement when you see them and brighten your days and to which, fortunately, you can return to their parents when they have tantrums.
Celebrities know this feeling very well, just look at how Kendall Jenner gets rid of playing with them or how Gigi Hadid is drooling over her sister's daughter. So that you can see all the love they have for their nephews, here we leave you 15 tender photographs of celebrities with their nephews.

Photos of celebrities with their nephews

1) Jennifer Lawrence and her nephew

Image Source: Instagram

The Oscar winner is always close to her nephew. She even included her nephew in the final scene of The Hunger Games. 

Image Source: Instagram

The singer adores her niece, whenever she can, she takes her as her companion to the red carpets.

3) Gigi Hadid and her niece

Image Source: Instagram

Gigi loves spending time with her sister Marielle's children, but especially her niece. Now that the model has become a mother, these little ones will be the closest cousins.

4) Beyoncé and Julez Smith

Image Source: Instagram

Julez is now 15 years old and a teenager who does not like to take a lot of pictures, but still loves spending time with his aunt like when he was a little boy.

5) Kendall and Stormi

Image Source: Instagram

The life of the model was further illuminated by the arrival of her niece.

6) Priyanka Chopra and Sky Krishna

Image Source: instagram

Priyanka loves to play with her niece, especially when it comes to makeup.

7) Zendaya and her niece

Image Source: Instagram

They both sleep the same and enjoy doing it very much.

8) Chris Evans and his nephews

Image Source: Instagram

We all want to be the uncles of those little ones that Chris adores.

9) Joe Jonas with Valentina and Alena

Image Source: Instagram

These little girls captivated him and made him practice very well to become the best future dad.

10) Danna Paola and her nephew

Image Source: Instagram

Danna is the most loving and pampering aunt, there's nothing her nephew asks her to do, and she won't do.

11) Katy Perry and her niece

Image Source: Instagram

Her sister Angela is the one who made her an aunt, and since then, she has been spending time with her nieces whenever she can. She takes them to Disney, as well as her tours around the world.

12) Kylie Jenner and Psalm

Image Source: Instagram

When Kylie met her nephew, she looked at her with the same love with which she saw her little Stormi.

13) Britney Spears and Maddie

Image Source: Instagram

Britney has always had a very close relationship with her sister's daughter Jamie Lynn Spears. When the little girl had an accident in 2018, Britney was very aware of her health and even asked her followers to pray for her recovery

14) Ashley Tisdale and Mikayla

Image Source: Instagram

Ashley adores her niece and visits her whenever possible

15) Sophie Turner and Valentina

Image Source: Instagram

Sophie is a very pampering aunt with her political nieces



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