17 Hollywood Stars Break Their Silence On Their True Health In The Past Year

Mental health is an issue that is increasingly important in this society. There are many problems that nobody talks about, but that a large part of the population has to face every day.
Today we tell you how some celebrities have recently opened up about these issues.

Celebrities have confessed about their most intimate illnesses:

1- Nicole Kidman

It has been one of the surprises in recent months and is that Nicole Kidman has said that she suffered an abortion during her marriage to Tom Cruise. This loss caused her a lot of problems, and it took her enormously to get over it.

2- Claire Foy

The protagonist of The Crown has dealt with anxiety since she was a child. Her episodes were so serious that she became totally paralyzed

3- Kristen Bell

The actress has spoken openly about depression and anxiety, explaining that she suffers from it and that we do not have to always be well, we have the right to have bad days.

4- Sarah Hyland

She was born with kidney dysplasia and has had to have several transplants throughout his life, in addition to undergoing dialysis. This year, the actress has opened up.

5- Jamie Lee Curtis

The actress has now said that she has been battling opiate addiction for 10 years.

6- Lady Gaga

She has been one of the standard-bearers of mental health in recent times, and she doesn't shy away from talking about it. She recently recounted everything that had happened and asked for more medical attention for mental problems.

7- Chrissy Teigen

She has been very sincere after her pregnancy and has shared that she suffered from postpartum depression.

8- Ariana Grande

The singer spoke about how this year has been really hard for her as she has had to deal with post-traumatic stress after the Manchester bombing.

9- Selena Gomez

She has been far disappeared from social media in recent years, and the times she has returned has been to raise her voice to speak seriously about depression and anxiety.

10- Ryan Reynolds

The actor has spoken openly about the anxiety he suffers and the darkest times in his life.

11- Nick Jonas

He has now confessed that 13 years ago, he was diagnosed with Type I Diabetes

12- Wendy Williams

The host has recently spoken on her show about Grave's disease and that she will be absent from the show for a while.

13- Gina Rodríguez

The actress has confessed that she suffers from Hashimoto's disease, a disease of the immune system that attacks the thyroid of the person who suffers it.

14- Dwayne Johnson

The actor tragically lost his mother when he was 15 years old. Since then, he has been fighting depression.

15- Jessie J

She decided to open up and be honest on her Instagram account, explaining that she had discovered that she could not have children.

16- Mariah Carey

The famous one was diagnosed in 2001 with bipolarity but has not confessed it until this year.

17- Gisele Bündchen

The model has written a book and later gave an interview to People magazine, where she spoke of the number of panic attacks she suffered and that she could not control them, so she came to think about taking her own life.

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