10 Homemade Halloween Costumes For Children, Easy and Original

Halloween is approaching, and it's time to start thinking about the homemade costume for this terrifying party. Here are ten original costumes that you can make yourself at home with your children's help and spending very little. Too easy!

1) Skeleton costume

Easy DIy Costume skeleton kids costume
We love this idea, a great last minute costume for which you only need black pants, a long-sleeved black shirt, and white duct tape (duct tape or duct tape). It will be spectacular and even more so if we go to a party with a black light. The effect is amazing!

2) Frankenstein costume

easy homemade frankenstein costume
Create your own Frankenstein costume, one of the most monstrous fictional characters in history. All you need is a pair of pants and a t-shirt, a couple of large sizes, scraps of fabric, three cardboard boxes, paint, brushes, a pair of bottle caps, black felt, shoelaces, glue, and scissors.

3) Pumpkin costume

easy DIY pumpkin costume
There is nothing that identifies more with Halloween than a terrifying pumpkin. You need an orange t-shirt, green and black felt, rubber band, safety pin, cardboard, hot glue gun, and scissors to make this costume.

4) Mummy costume

homemade mummy costume
We've found another great last minute costume for which you only need an old white sheet. Tear the sheet into strips (or cut it with scissors) and wrap the child in it. You can age the sheet's appearance by soaking it in water with coffee grounds and then drying it in the sun.

5) Spider costume

DIY spider costume for kids

To make this creepy spider, you need a black hoodie, a pair of black gloves, two pairs of black socks, eight moving eyes, duct tape, a needle, and thread.

6) 'Crazy Cat' Costume

crazy cat lady costume for kids

Original, very funny and, above all, very comfortable. With pajamas, a bathrobe, funny glasses, some curlers, and some stuffed animals of cats stuck all over the body, we can make this costume.

7) Voodoo doll

voodoo doll costume for kids
Although it may seem complicated, this costume is only made with burlap fabric, markers for clothes, gray tubes, wooden balls, and glue. The ideal is to complement it with spectacular makeup, full of scars, dark circles, and a terrifying appearance.

8) Granny costume

To make this nice costume, you have to cover a hat with pompoms and put some glasses on the children without graduating.

9) Zombie costume

diy zombie kids costume wasy to make
This costume has a dual purpose: to terrorize everyone on Halloween and recycle clothing that no longer serves us. Use old clothes that they can no longer wear because they have outgrown or torn, take the scissors to add some cuts, dust them with flour or talcum powder and use a little makeup to make them pale like a white walker from Game of Thrones. If you want, you can add some artificial blood or ketchup to it, to make it look like it just bit off its latest victim.

10) Catrina

Catrina is a popular Mexican personality who has become a symbol of the Day of the Dead. To disguise yourself as her, you only need a black dress adorned with lace, a black veil made with tulle or lace, a headband, and artificial flowers to attach the veil, and makeup to draw the typical Mexican skull.

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