Christmas sweets

There's no way to spend Christmas without eating candy, right? After feasting on turkey, and all the supper foods, nothing better than a dessert to match this banquet! To help you in this matter, we made a list of 6 Christmas sweets that you can prepare this year. Our tip is to choose at least two desserts to serve after supper - so it can please all tastes. Take a look!


Rabanada is a typical Christmas sweet made with breads, milk, eggs, fried in oil, and sugar, and cinnamon. Classic Christmas dinner dessert, french toast really can't be left out of your dinner! Made with bread, egg, milk, cinnamon, and sugar, this recipe is simple to make and tastes like the end of the year. In fact, don't think that french toast works only as a dessert, okay? Some people eat this candy as a snack and even make excuses to eat all day!


Like the french toast, the panettone is a traditional Christmas candy and cannot be missed in your supper. The best part is that there are versions of different flavors: chocolate, fruit, dulce de leche and even truffled options. Just choose!
Although most people prefer to buy ready-made candy, there is also the option of preparing a homemade panettone on your own. You can fill with brigadeiro, hazelnut cream, fruit, dulce de leche, and whatever you prefer. Better impossible, right?

Chocolate Pastries

christmas chocolate pastries
To sweeten your Christmas dinner even more, a good tip is to bet on chocolate pastry. You just need to make a chocolate cream (with condensed milk, corn starch, powdered chocolate, and sour cream, for example) and then set up a pastry alternating between biscuit layers and others of cream.

Condensed Milk Pudding

Very simple and quick to make, the condensed milk pudding is also a great dessert for Christmas dinner. In addition to being tasty, it is super practical, as it can be made in a blender, with just three ingredients: milk, eggs, and condensed milk. Our tip is to prepare a pudding and serve it along with another Christmas sweet (french toast, who knows) so that the supper is quite complete!

Passion Fruit Mousse

passion fruit mousse
If you are looking for a tasty and easy to make candy, the fruit mousse is perhaps the best option! You can prepare a version with passion fruit juice, sour cream, and condensed milk, which is delicious! The ideal is that you do not discard the fruit's seeds, which add an extra touch of flavor and decorate the dessert. I bet it will be quite successful!
Note: You can also prepare mousses of other flavors, such as chocolate, strawberry, lemon, and berries.

Ice Cream Is Always Welcome!

Holiday Ice Cream
To add even more to your Christmas dinner, our tip is to put a jar of ice cream to accompany the other desserts. Have you ever tried chocolate pastry with ice cream, for example? It may seem strange, but we swear it is delicious!

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