Easy homemade Halloween decorations that are cheap

Prepare a scary house for Halloween night. We propose some small ideas to make Halloween decorations with children and turn your Halloween party into an event where everyone will have a great time.

Garland of ghosts

An inexpensive, simple, and very easy way to make Halloween decorations is with garlands. You don't have to buy them, you can make them yourself with the children. On this occasion, we suggest you create a fun chain of ghosts with a long strip of white paper folded in the shape of an accordion. Draw the shape of a ghost and carefully cut out the wraith's hands. Once you have the garland, let the children decorate it as they like best.

Flying bats

A bit of black cardboard is the basis for making these funny bats that we can stick on the walls or doors to give everyone a terrifying welcome on Halloween night. To make the bats, you need to cut circles out of black cardboard similar to a plate. Once you have them cut in half, fold them down the center and then make another V-shaped fold. Using the cardboard, form a kind of cornet with pointed ears sticking out. Create with another semicircle the bat wings, cut out, and glued with hot silicone to the body. To finish, decorate with self-adhesive eyes, some red cardboard, and some white fangs. It only remains to hang with a little double-sided tape on the walls of your house.

Pumpkin lanterns

Create gloomy lighting to decorate your house with some recycled glass jars. Take some white glue and, with a brush, place orange tissue paper around the jar. Once they are dry, you can finish your pumpkin lantern by adding eyes, nose, and mouth made with black cardboard and glued on the glass jar. Add some led candles inside, and you will have achieved special lighting for Halloween.

Little Monsters

Some recycled jars with lids (they can be potato chips, play dough, or any other item that you have discarded) can become a creative decoration for Halloween. You need some clean and dry cans. Fill them with any material that has weight and stability. Line the jars with different colored paper. Put eyes on the characters you create and add accessories like hair, a pointy hat, or some pumpkin leaves. If you want to make a mummy, the arrangement will be similar. In this case, instead of putting one color paper lining, place the eyes and with pieces of bandage or toilet paper, wrap until you build your terrifying mummy.

Halloween hanging decoration

Decorate the lamps in your house or the ceiling with some hanging decorations that you can make with the children. To make the bats, you need some cardboard egg cups to cut into rows of three bowls each. Leave the center as it is, and on the two sides, trim some spikes to create the wings of your bat. A little black paint and children's skill will do the rest. When it is dry, place the eyes and a ribbon to hang it adhered with hot glue.
You need some artificial maple leaves, a little white paint, a brush, and a black marker to make the ghosts. Once you have the sheet painted white, decorate with terrifying eyes and mouth. Add the hanging ribbon, and you have a spooky decoration.

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