9 Funny Halloween Costumes for Pregnant Women

Today we bring you 9 fun Halloween costumes only suitable for pregnant women. Now is the time to take advantage of that adorable little belly, get down to work, and make some of these examples that we propose today.

Don't forget to take lots of photos to show your child over the years. She will surely love to know that she was dressing up for Halloween even before she was born, and you will have a very nice memory of your pregnancy months.

Devilish baby

We start with a super terrifying costume for which you only need a t-shirt, a plastic doll, and fake blood. You can complement it with a pumpkin-shaped candy bucket, as in the photo.

Death star

For most Star Wars fans, we propose this fun Death Star costume. You can make it with a black T-shirt, scraps of gray fabric, markers for textiles (to draw all the details of the spaceship), and small toys of spaceships.


Another cool idea is this kangaroo costume. You can do it with a long brown dress or T-shirt, and a beige patch for the belly and pocket. You will also need felt or fabric and a headband to make the ears, and a kangaroo stuffed animal put in the bag.


We love this Pregnant X-Ray Costume, featuring the baby's skeleton. You can easily do this with a black T-shirt and pants and white scraps of fabric or white adhesive paper instead. Draw the bones' shape, cut them out and sew or glue them to the black shirt, or paint directly on the shirt with white textile paint. If you are expecting a girl, you can add a bow on the head and a bow tie on the neck if it is a boy.

Beer Belly

Another costume with which you are sure to succeed on Halloween. You only need a white tank top, wide jeans, a plaid shirt, hiking boots, a fake mustache, a cap, a pack of cigarettes and a beer.


Something is cooking in this oven! You only need a large cardboard box, scissors or cutter, glue, and black and silver paint to make the controls and the oven door for this costume. Complement it with a cloth or mittens to make it more fun.

Basketball ball

sweatshirt and sweatpants and paint your belly orange with black stripes. If you prefer, you can put an orange shirt underneath and paint the stripes to keep your belly covered.

Mummy Mommy

Another very simple costume to make is this one, for a mummy, for which you only need a few bandages and a bit of felt to make eyes that appear between the bandages in the middle of the belly. If it's a girl, you can put a red bow on it, for example. Terrifying but charming.

Alien Parasite

This terrifying costume is for sci-fi fans. In this case, you only need a white t-shirt or sweater, an alien doll or stuffed animal, glue, and red paint. A movie costume!

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