homemade ghost costumes

If you are looking for an easy idea to make for this Halloween, stay with a ghost costume. With some white accessories that you have at home and a little face makeup, you will achieve a spectral look without spending a lot of time. Here are four ideas to make your homemade costume in a simple and very attractive way.

1) Steamy ghost

Kids are real ghosts in this costume consisting of a skirt, a top with ripped sleeves, and a flowy white cape with a hood.
⦁ Chiffon fabric
⦁ White cloth
⦁ Elastic rubber
⦁ Needle and thread
⦁ 1 brooch
⦁ White T-shirt
⦁ White leggings or stockings
⦁ Start by making the skirt with a piece of white fabric.
⦁ Cut a piece of fabric wider than the child's outline to make it lose.
⦁ Do the same with another piece by cutting it at a different height or making peaks.
⦁ Sew the fabric around the elastic tape to your child's waist measurement.
⦁ Make a white T-shirt envelope with a piece of chiffon.
⦁ To do this, fold the fabric in half and cut a semicircle for the neck.
⦁ For the sleeves, sew the fabric around the child's arm. Leave a scrap piece hanging and tear it to shreds with scissors.
⦁ Use a good piece of fabric to make a long cape that flies with the children's movements. You will need a rectangular piece of fabric to which a clasp makes a hood with the help of a clasp.

2) No-sew ghost costume

We teach you how to make a quick ghost costume for which you do not need a sewing machine or stitch with a needle and thread.

⦁ White fleece fabric
⦁ Black adhesive felt
⦁ Pencil
⦁ Scissors
⦁ Pins
⦁ Griddle
⦁ Measuring tape
⦁ Fabric glue
⦁ Cut a piece of fabric about eight inches to make the hat.
⦁ The rest has to be enough to cover the child below the knee.
⦁ Fold the fabric in half. Secure with a few pins.
⦁ Draw the midpoint on the part where you made the fold. Point to a semicircle and cut. It will be the opening for the head. Start by doing the tightest and gradually expanding it.
⦁ At the bottom of the costume, cut strips about two inches wide and ten to fifteen high.
⦁ Tie a knot in the part that joins it with the fabric.
⦁ Repeat for the sides of the costume.
⦁ Draw eyes and a terrifying smile on the black felt fabric. Cut out.
⦁ Place on the fabric. When you know the exact point where you will put them, remove the adhesive paper, and stick with the iron according to the manufacturer's instructions.
⦁ Take a beanie from the boy and use it as a template. Leave a few inches on each side to be able to glue the seams.

3) Costume with recycled fabric

Remember that light, flowy drapery fabric you never used? Give it a new life in this ghost costume.
Remember that light, flowy drapery fabric you never used? Give it a new life in this ghost costume.

⦁ White chiffon, sheer, or lace fabric
⦁ Whitetop or t-shirt
⦁ Sneakers
⦁ White ribbon or cord
⦁ Leggings
⦁ Plastic chain
⦁ Cut the fabric with a surface that is 1.5 times the width of your shoulders. The length is better than the floor.
⦁ Cut fringes along the bottom.
⦁ Make a small hem at the top of the fabric to thread the string through. It will be used to tie it around the neck.
⦁ Dress entirely in white and finish off with this cape.

4) Only with scissors

A few cuts are enough. The only tool you need to make this costume is scissors. Good makeup will do the rest.

⦁ Knitted fabric for jersey or sweatshirt
⦁ Scissors
⦁ Buy cloth to cover the child from head to toe.
⦁ Fold in half and poke a hole right in the center of the folded part.
⦁ Rip the sides and bottom of the fabric, both front, and back.
⦁ All the shreds do not have to be the same size or thickness.
⦁ A white facial keeling base will do the rest.

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