Homemade halloween costumes that cover the face

Whichever costume you choose this year for Halloween, everyone will have something in common: the use of the mask. To give it a more original touch, you can decorate it, put it on as a substitute for makeup, or camouflage it. Here we will show you three ways to integrate or hide the mask in your homemade Halloween costumes and have a great time on the spookiest night of the year.

1) Paper beard

You can make a costume for a Viking, a strong tattooed biker, or a member of the ZZ Top; you choose. The important thing is to have a large beard that completely hides the face.
⦁ Paper beard template
⦁ Kraft paper, newsprint, or scraps of gift wrap
⦁ Paper shredder or scissors
⦁ Printer
⦁ A4 paper
⦁ Glue
⦁ Elastic tape
⦁ Stapler
⦁ Stretch the paper to remove any possible wrinkles or folds.
⦁ Cut it into rectangles.
⦁ If you have a paper shredder, place the strips in the mouth, but be careful not to shred all the paper. At least there has to be a whole area of ​​about ten centimeters that holds the fringes.
⦁ You can do the same operation with scissors.
⦁ Repeat with the rest of the rectangles that you have cut.
⦁ Place one on top of the other. They can be of different lengths to give volume to the beard.
⦁ Print the template on a sheet of paper.
⦁ Cut out.
⦁ Glue the pieces of paper with beard hairs along with the template until it is well covered.
⦁ Put the elastic band on the sides so that the child can hold it easily.

2) Ghosts: a classic

Full suits are a great alternative to hide your face underneath.
⦁ White sheets or fabric scraps
⦁ Scissors
⦁ Round black sunglasses
⦁ White t-shirt, pants, and shoes
⦁ Choose a sheet or a white piece of fabric that completely covers each of the family members.
⦁ Shorten it according to the height of the children.
⦁ It is important that under each costume you wear white clothes and shoes. It will give a more spectral touch.
⦁ Place the sheet or scrap over each family member's head and poke holes for the eyes.
⦁ Make two smaller ones that you can put the glasses on.
⦁ You can decorate the costumes with details such as headbands or flower crowns.
3) Superheroes
Superheroes, most of them with their faces covered, are perfect for disguising the face on Halloween night. Here we teach you how to make a Spider-Man with the face covered, although you can also paint the upper part of the child's face and buy a mask that completes the costume.
⦁ Blue t-shirt and leggings
⦁ Red sweatshirt
⦁ Red high socks
⦁ Red gloves
⦁ Red mask or balaclava
⦁ Black swimming goggles
⦁ Markers or fabric paint
⦁ Decorate the red gloves and socks with lines that weave the shape of a spider web.
⦁ Cut the sleeves of the sweatshirt and draw, in the center, the spider from the Spider-Man suit.
⦁ If you are going to use a full head mask, remember to make the eye holes. Another simpler option is to use a ski mask.
⦁ Dress the child and place black swimming goggles over his eyes.

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