Easy Face paint ideas

Turn your children into the most popular Star Wars characters with some face paints that will surprise you by how easy they are to make. You just have to follow the steps of these makeups, and may the force be with you.

1) R2-D2's face paint

star wars costume ideas
Being a robot does not detract from admirers, especially among children. Become the cute R2-D2 with makeup that can be based on the Star Wars costume you are looking for.
⦁ Silver, blue, black, white, and red face paint
⦁ Brushes of different sizes
⦁ Makeup sponge
⦁ Tissues
⦁ Start by outlining a half circle with silver paint from the forehead to the nose.
⦁ Fill the interior with silver.
⦁ With a fine brush, delimit some geometric figures, similar to those that shape the robot along the semicircle that you have painted.
⦁ Fill the shapes with blue without forgetting to give some white and silver touches to get depth.
⦁ Draw a box in the center in which to place the robot's radar eye.
⦁ Leave space on one side of the child's forehead to draw the holographic projector that R2-D2 has on his head.
⦁ At the bottom of the face paint, draw a colored ribbon with a red circle in the center.

2) Darth Vader makeup

dath vader DIY face paint
Become the mythical Darth Vader and let yourself be carried away by the dark side with this face painting that we tell you step by step.
⦁ Silver and black face paint
⦁ Brushes
⦁ Makeup sponge
⦁ Use a silver paintbrush to create the lines that shape Darth Vader's black helmet. Draw them from the hairline in a semicircle, in a vertical line that goes from the forehead to the nose, using two triangles under the eyes, and with a third triangle in the mouth.
⦁ With a thin black brush, delimit the outlines of the silver lines that you just made. This will allow you to fill them in without touching the silver-colored areas.
⦁ To create the vent grill (in the mouth), you can use a perforated paper template. Press on the child's face with a sponge dipped in black paint.
⦁ Once you have all the details of the mask, paint the eyes black. Remove excess paint with a tissue.
⦁ Retouch with a fine brush dipped in black paint the lines that have been blurred to give precision to the face painting.
⦁ Finally, paint the lips also black.

3) Darth Maul Face Paint

dath maul face paint easy at home
Another of the most fearsome figures in Star Wars is Darth Maul, Obi-Wan Kenobi's mortal enemy. Now you can turn your children into the character with touches of red and black paint special for children's skin.
⦁ Red and black paint
⦁ Brushes of different sizes
⦁ Makeup sponge
⦁ Use a makeup sponge to cover the face with red paint.
⦁ With the help of a fine round brush, draw the black pattern of the evil Darth Maul. It begins at the nose and extends on both sides of the child's face.
⦁ Fill in the areas in the center of the forehead, the nostrils, the mouth, and the mask's outline.
⦁ The makeup will be perfect under a black layer, but you can also add the five horns that surround his forehead with a fine brush and white paint if you want.

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