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The parties in times of COVID-19 are, without a doubt, very different from what we knew. But they do not have to be less fun and imaginative for that. We suggest you have a virtual Halloween party to continue enjoying the scariest night of the year. This year, the only difference is that the basket to order sweets is exchanged for a tablet or smartphone.

Virtual Set

Virtual Halloween Party
Decorate your house for the most terrifying celebration of the year, but don't forget to do it also with the wallpaper you use for the virtual Halloween party. Doing so is very easy, as many video conferencing applications allow you to choose default images or upload your own.
You can take a photo with the room's decoration where you would celebrate the party if you are in person or use an image from the Internet. Surely on the Internet, you will find dark haunted houses, images of cemeteries, dark forests, pumpkin gardens, or zombie attacks.
You can also get the children to participate. Invite them to a drawing contest. The scariest creation will be chosen as the background for your virtual celebration.

Costume Contest

virtual costume party covid 19
Every Halloween party, whether in person or virtual, needs some good costumes. It does not matter that children only see themselves through the screen, they will have much more fun if you prepare a homemade costume.
You can run a contest with a closed theme (undead, terrifying movie characters, monsters) or simply organize categories and award the funniest, most terrifying, or most creative costume. Have the children pose in their costume, get into their chosen character, and perform on screen. You can give as a small prize contributions in gift cards or make a virtual diploma with the winner's photo in disguise.

Scary Stories

covid 19 halloween stories
Prepare the narration of a terrifying story to tell the children during the virtual Halloween party. Do not forget to look for a gloomy setting, dress in the right clothes, and put lighting based on lanterns that deform your face or with candles.
If you don't feel like doing it yourself, you can also search YouTube for professional storytelling narratives that make your guests' hair stand on end. You will die of fear.

Virtual Trick or Treat

virtual trick or treating game
That the children cannot go door to door this year playing trick or treat does not mean that tonight there will be no candy. All you need is a little planning and the help of the rest of the families invited to the virtual Halloween parties.
Days before the celebration, organize with the rest of the parents to make some easy Halloween recipes. The idea is to make one per guest family to have something different and unique to offer in the game. Another more convenient option is to go to the supermarket or order some sweets online.
As the party progresses, ask the children to play trick or treating. Choose one of the participating families. They will be in charge of choosing between receiving a terrible scare or giving the children a treat. In this case, it will be the parents of each guest who will fill each one's basket with the chosen recipes or trinkets.
The children can also meet a little earlier to organize the scares that they will give in case, during the party, someone does not want to give them their reward.

Treasure hunt

One of the games you can do is a scavenger hunt. Make a list of common things that children can locate around the house that are related to Halloween. For example, a pumpkin, a skeleton, a cat, a drawing of a hanged man, a cauldron, a spider, remains of a murder, and a witch.
The game consists of listing each of the things that they have to locate. It is important to explain that they can search all over the house and use the resources available to them, such as illustrations, toys, Halloween decorations, or trinkets in the requested form. The only thing forbidden is to use the Internet to search for images.
The first to get it has to stand in front of the screen and show the object. A point will be given to all participants. Whoever has the most at the end of the game will have won the treasure hunt.

Mummies on the run

covid 19 party

Another virtual proposal that children will have fun with is to become mummies. A few rolls of toilet paper and a little skill is what they need to transform. Ask all the children to stand in front of the device they used to connect to the virtual Halloween party with the toilet paper supplies. Start the competition and wait to see how, by themselves, they try to bandage themselves.
Everyone must look at the camera while doing it. This way, they will see others' evolution, and the competition will succeed in the fun. Adults can also collaborate by following the movements of children with mobile devices so that no one loses detail.

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