Top 5 BEST College Drinking Games To Play With Your Friends

College is a fantastic time in your young adult life where you get to be out on your own and establish your career path.  However, let's be real here and not exclude the fact that a big part of the college experience has to do with alcohol, and lots of it. Drinking ridiculous amounts of booze is fun and all, but just sitting around killing your brain cells can be pretty boring. That is why you should spice it up a bit and break out one, or all of these top five drinking games.


🍺Beer Pong

It wouldn't be right not to have old school Beer Pong on this top 5 list. This is one of the top drinking games with cups and is practically your right of passage to play while in college. There are tons of variations that you can do with this game, but in a general sense, it all involves the same methods. You need a ping-pong table, ping-pong balls, plastic cups (two formations of 10 cups on both ends of the table in triangle form), and booze to fill those said cups up, usually about four ounces each.


Each side should have one or two players, and the goal is to toss a ping-pong ball into one of the cups on the other team's side. If you make it in, the other team has to drink the booze in that cup and toss it aside. Keep in mind that if the ping-pong ball is tossed in the air, the other team is not allowed to swipe the ball away. But if you bounce the ball in, they can try to block it. In the end, the team who clears all the cups on the opposing side first wins, and will be less drunk. 

🍺Drunk Jenga

Another classic. Drunk Jenga is a board game that is an ideal drinking game for groups of people to enjoy. To start, you will need a pen or Sharpie and a standard box of Jenga blocks. On each block, write a bunch of rules, as wild or tame as you want them to be. For example, you can write "take two drinks," so if someone pulls that block, they will need to do that. Let your creative side fly on this one! Then you just need to play Jenga as you usually would, with the twist of having to abide by the rules on the blocks.



Dorm rooms can be a bit of a tight space, but that does not mean you have to forfeit drinking games. Quarters would be perfect for these situations. It is a super easy game that requires nothing more than a simple glass and a quarter. You and your friends would sit around a table with the glass in the center. Then each person would place a quarter in front of them at the end of the table and attempt to flip it into the glass. If they do it successfully, that person can order whoever they want to drink and create unique rules, like calling people by their last name only. They will be the rule master until someone new gets the quarter in.



Avalanche is another simple, yet fun game to play. All you need is a glass and a die. You and your friend would sit around a table with their own alcohol glass or cup. Then each person would fill the empty glass with either a little or a lot of their drink and then roll the die.  The number they get will determine what they will need to do. When someone has to drink the glass three times, then they are eliminated from the game. The last person left is the winner.

  1. You would need to pass the die to the player on the left of you.
  2. This means you will have to double the amount of booze in the glass or fill it.
  3. You have to drink the glass and then pass it to the person on your left.
  4. You would need to yell “four!” and everyone needs to drop to the ground. The last person to touch the floor will have to drink the glass.
  5. If you get a 5, you will have to roll again. If you get another 5, then you get to choose anyone to drink the glass. If the second number is not a 5, then do whatever that particular number requires according to the rules.
  6. You would need to pass the die to the player on the left of you.




Last but not least, Thumper is something you will not want to miss out on. It is a super-fast paced drinking game, and you can play it anywhere as long as there are enough people (at least four people). For this, each person has to pick a specific hand motion that they will keep for the entire game, such as antennas, binoculars, or whatever you want. Once everyone picked their hand motion, the game begins by everyone drumming on the table rapidly. As a general opening line, the game starts with this narrative: the leader shouts, "What's the name of the game?" Everyone shouts back, "Thumper!" Then the leader says, "And why do we play the game?" Then everyone yells again, "To get fucked up!" Then the game begins.

While everyone is still drumming, the game leader starts by performing his or her hand gesture, followed by another person's. The player whose hand gesture was performed by the leader must stop drumming, and now the leader begins drumming. That said person now has to do their own gesture along with someone else's now. The process repeats over and over until someone messes up and has to drink.

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Partying is the cornerstone of your overall college experience, so make sure you try out these top drinking games with cups the next time you throw a college party. These may be classic games, but they are popular for a reason and are certainly the best to liven up your night. You are only in college for so long, so make the best out of your time so you can have awesome memories to tell, or not to tell, later on. 

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