Top 5 Games To Play With Your Friends Or Family When You Are Bored

Struggling for game ideas to play with your friends or family? Here’s five.

Whether stuck inside on a rainy day, bored out of your mind during the summer holidays or just looking for an excuse for a fun night with friends and or family we’ve got five awesome games for you!

Within the new digital era games like these are often forgotten, with pretty much all of us guilty of spending way too much time on our smartphones and smart devices. So, let’s take a trip down memory lane with five epic games to play with your friends and or family when you are bored.

Let’s get to it.

🎵 1. Name that song 

A classic in many a household at one time or another, name that song is a super fun game to play – especially if you’ve all got different tastes in music. To play, one player plays a song while the others have to guess – you can do both name and or artist or just name, it’s entirely up to you. The first player to guess correctly wins a point, the first to 20 points wins the game, then players switch who plays the music and start over again.

🎲2. Make your own board game

Ever wanted to make your own board game? Well now’s your chance. You’ll need some colored pens, cardboard, paper, a glue stick, and a pair of scissors to get started. Whether looking to recreate monopoly with your home town attractions or fancy your own take on scrabble the options are endless, let your imagination run wild.

🎳3. Bowling, but at home…

Whether you’ve got a few bowling pins to set up your own lane or going with the classic cans of empty beans you’re going to love bowling at home. Find yourself some form of soft ball, think tennis ball or football. The rest is pretty self-explanatory, try yourself some trick shots, first to get a strike, or even go for a full game – the options are endless.

⛳4. Capture the flag

Granted you’ll need a little bit of room, capture the flag is a super fun game for all ages. To play you’ll need some sort of flag marker, whether a stick, soft toy or cushion all of these will suffice. Split up into two teams with two bases. Players take turns to ‘capture the flag’ from the enemy base, returning it to their own. If you get tagged along the way it’s game over.

❓5. Who am I? 

This game is a great laugh and fun for all the family. Each player writes a famous celebrity, friend, or well-known person on a posit note – these are then placed on the person opposite you’s head. Take it in turns to ask questions and figure out the name on your posit, the first player to guess correctly wins.

The bottom line 

Bored? Stick to these five games for hours of fun, whether you choose capture the flag or to create your own board game there’s plenty to seek your teeth into and leave the boredom at bay.

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