Top 5 Hilarious Pranks to Pull on Your Friends
Pranking your friends is a coming of age activity. Whether you and your friends are in a prank war or you’re planning the best April Foods prank of all time, you may be looking for hilarious tricks that’ll get your buddies good. Here are the top 5 pranks to pull on your friends.

1.Get them with an electric shock pen 

What could be more innocent than a pen? That’s what your friend will think when you gift them this. What they don’t know is that the person pressing the button believing it to be a regular pen will instead receive an electric shock. An entirely unexpected and hilarious prank!

📺2.Tape over the sensors on the TV

Siblings who used to fight over the remote know that it’s all about whether or not the remote has access to the external remote sensor on the TV or cable box. Just covering it with your hand is enough to mess with its remote capabilities. If you’re planning to have a movie night or just hang out and watch TV, this is the perfect prank to pull. All you need is the tiniest piece of tape over the sensor on the remote. And remember that this prank is all about the details! You want the tape to blend in exactly, so your friend won’t see it. If the remote is black, find black tape or color it in with a Sharpie so it isn’t easily detectable.

🐔3.Offer them some chicken nuggets

This one is a little mean (but hilarious). You can purchase “chicken nugget” bars of soap right off of>, which means it’s time to serve you friend lunch. Offer them their favorite food and watch them get a mouth full of suds. So satisfying!

🕷️4.Try the spider box prank

Do you have a friend who is terrified of spiders? This spider is so large it might scary just about anyone. Wrap up this box as though you’re giving it as a gift. Watch them open it and scream as it jumps out to scare them. It may only work once, but that one time is oh so worth it. 

🥤5.Create some Mentos ice bombs

You’ve probably seen that Mentos and coke react together. If you have a friend that loves a nice glass of ice-cold soda, then this could be the prank for you. People have started creating “Mentos ice bombs” where they freeze ice cubes with mint Mentos in the trays. When your unsuspecting friend takes out an ice cube to put it in their drink, they’ll be in for the surprise of their lifetime. Get ready to watch some soda explode!

Final thoughts

And there you have it. Not only do you have hilarious pranks to pull on your friends, but you’re better versed on the tricks they may try to pull on you. Don’t fall for it!

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