Top 15 Most Promising Viral Video Ideas for your YouTube channel

Whether you’ve only recently set up your YouTube channel or you’ve had it for a considerable amount of time there’s nothing quite like achieving a viral video.

If you don’t already know, a viral video is a video that becomes popular through both internet sharing and internet views – together, these form a combination of lots and lots of people around the world seeing your video.

One person’s definition of ‘viral’ is most likely different to another’s, however, anything above one million views and certainly above five million views could be classed as a viral video.

Are you looking to make a viral video for your own YouTube channel? If so, and let’s face it who doesn’t want to achieve viral success, we’ve gathered together fifteen of the most promising viral video ideas.

So, let’s get to it. 

1. Cinnamon challenge

No doubt you’ve seen the cinnamon challenge before. This is where an individual eats a tablespoon of cinnamon and films their reaction to this – many of these videos have previously gone viral.

2. Prank videos

Ah, another all-time classic – prank videos. There’s a reason these types of videos often go viral, mainly because there’s some element of surprise, risk, and laughter – what’s not to love? Why not prank your best friend, spouse, or a few locals (as long as it’s PG).

3. Music video

If you’ve got talent in either creating music or editing video then producing a music video could be the one for you. Music videos go viral all of the time, with stunning visuals paired with fantastic audio to leave many viewers baffled – the only option will be to share.

4. Blindfolded taste challenges

One way to rack up the views is to partake in blindfolded food taste challenges. One person selects the food and blindfolds you, you then must taste and guess the name of the food. The more exotic or random the food generally the more positive the response.

5. Milk gallon challenge?

Ever tried to down a gallon of milk? Nope, me neither. However, watching someone else do it either in record speed or tragically slow appears to be a hit on YouTube. If either 1) you’re a fan of milk or 2) don’t mind spilling a gallon of milk on yourself then this challenge could be for you.

6. Conspiracy theory videos

Nothing gains intrigue of your audience more than conspiracy theory videos. There’s a reason 9/11 conspiracy videos have other 1 million views, with the same for the middle-ages never happening – certainly one to look into if you’ve never heard of it!

7. Reacting to other videos 

Another popular method of generating a viral video is by reacting to other videos. Maybe a controversial topic appeared in the news this week, your favorite YouTuber did a mail-time, or perhaps you’d just like to react to something on your channel.

These types of videos are especially popular at the moment, certainly worth a try on your quest for viral success.

8. Controversial topics 

Think abortion, gun control, evolution, and politics – what do all of these have in common? That’s right, they’re all controversial topics. As to be expected controversial topics do quite well when it comes to making a viral video, mainly as regardless of people’s opinion, both positive and negative they will share your video for others to see.

9. X amount of calories challenge

Many fitness YouTuber’s are currently doing calorie challenges. The idea is to eat x amount of calories a day, usually a surplus of 5,000 – 10,000. For some reason, many find watching others eat hopeless amounts of food entreating, so… if you’ve got a sweet tooth or fancy yourself a full day of eating then this one may certainly be worth a try.

10. 24 Burgers in 24-minutes

That’s right. As well as eating an insane amount of calories in a day, another popular challenge that has recently been going viral is the 24 burgers in 24-minutes challenge. If you think you have what it takes, or maybe you don’t then grab your camera and get tucked in.

11. Comedy videos

If you’ve got a knack for stand up or find yourself to be on the funny side then comedy videos may just be your way to stardom. There’s a reason many comedy videos go viral, they are generally family-friendly, funny (duh!), and easy to watch – three essential components to viral video success.

12. A day in the life

Whether you’re a student at Harvard, a professor, full-time YouTuber, or plumber creating a day in the life video is a great way to reach many individuals around the globe. Once again, these kinds of videos are interesting to watch (gaining a different perspective on life), often fun, and eye-opening.

13. Draw my life video

If you’ve already got yourself a few subscribers on YouTube than a draw my life video can be a great way to increase the view count while gaining yourself a few extra subscribers.

The idea behind these videos is to animate/draw your life up to now: what important events happened, when were you born, where did you go to college, etc..

14. Tutorial videos

Similarly to draw my life videos, if you’ve got a particular skill in a given field such as makeup sharing your skill online in video form can be a great way to go viral – you have got an even bigger chance if the skill you’re sharing is especially difficult and or hard to do.

15. Myth-busting/discussion videos

From ghosts to the recent coronavirus pandemic there are myths surrounding every topic out there. Busting these myths, especially if they haven’t been busted before is a great way to gain a few extra views.
Likewise, you may also choose to react to other myth-busting videos – producing quality content with much less effort and myth-busting

Note: We are not in any way shape or form affiliated with the creators of these youtube videos. 

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