Top 18 Family Activities to do at Home While Under Quarantine

You wake up and realize you have another day in quarantine with your family.

By this point, you've wracked your brain and tried all the family activities at home you can possibly think of and everyone in the house is starting to get a little bit stir crazy.

Since you still have to spend the day at home, what are you going to do with your family?

For families looking for the best family activities at home, we've compiled a list of the top eighteen greatest family fun ideas.

1. Play Games

quarantine activities for kids

If you're feeling bored, try playing board games! Most board games can be played with two to six people so it can be a great option if you're looking for variety. Some great games you only need two-players for include:

  • Sorry

  • Candy Land

  • Chutes and Ladders

  • Monopoly

Remember, not everyone has to play the same game. This can be a great opportunity to keep your family engaged, while still having the option for space from everyone. Playing games is also an excellent choice to help include older teens in family time.

For indoor games for teens, try:

  • Pente

  • Scrabble

  • Settlers of Catan

  • Ticket to Ride

Tired of board games? Try breaking out a deck of cards. Some of the best all-age card games include:

  • War

  • Go Fish

  • Rummy

2. Enjoy a Movie Night

Transform your home into an outdoor theater. Become the family hero by creating a real-life moviegoer experience. You'll need just four things:

  1. White sheet

  2. Projector

  3. Media player
  4. Seating

First, hang the white sheet in the backyard against the house. Next, you'll need to set up the projector.

Connect your media source like a laptop or DVD player to the projector. Don't have the materials for an outdoor movie night? Indoors works too!

Don't forget about the classic movie snacks such as buttered popcorn, gummy bears, and soda. For a personal touch, ask your kids what they would like to snack on a movie night. 

All that's left is to get comfy!

For a bonus, you can create a themed movie night. This can be especially great to make the event even more unique and memorable. Try themes like:

  • The Classics

  • Silent Films

  • Musicals

  • '80s Teen Movies

If your family really took an interest in a particular film, try kids movie games such as trivia, word scrambles, or riddles. 

3. Have a Bonfire

fun ideas for kids quarantine coronavirus

Take advantage of nice weather and have a bonfire. This is a great way to create a new space for your family without leaving the house. Be sure to follow the National Park Service's bonfire safety guide

Stay warm with blankets and for extra parenting points, surprise your family with s'mores. You can also play bonfire friendly games such as:

  • Flashlight tag

  • Telling ghost stores

  • Frog game

Have left over s'mores supplies the next day? Check out NASA's inventive sun s'mores to keep the fun going!

4. Try Origami

fun ideas while on quarantine

Looking for challenges for kids? Try origami. All you need is a piece of paper to have some serious fun.

You can make dozens of designs such as:

  • Dinosaurs

  • Swans

  • Frogs

This can be a great activity to do on your own if you are encouraging your family to have personal time.  

5. Paint With Shaving Cream

If you are looking for a sensory activity for your family, painting with shaving cream could be a great option. This is an especially great choice for young kids. To save yourself a big mess, try doing this activity in the bathtub or shower. 

Feeling adventurous? Add food dye to the shaving cream to add some flare!

6. Put on a Play

Put on a play starring your family for a creative outlet. Some easy scripts for kids include:

  • Hansel and Gretel

  • Little Orhan Annie

  • Little Red Riding Hood

For a special surprise add costumes and props. Include extended family and friends by performing it via a video call! 

7. Create a Book Club

fun activities while under quarantine

There are so many options when it comes to reading together. Create an in-home book club by reading the same book and having discussions together. Some great family-friendly book choices include:

  • Charlotte's Web

  • James and the Giant Peach

  • Stuart Little 

Looking for a story that travels outside your home? Check out Story Time From Space. Go on the International Space Station website to join out-of-this-world readings from real-life astronauts. 

8. Camp in Your Backyard

fun quarantine ideas

Create a complete change of scenery to your house by camping in your backyard. You'll need a:

  • Tent

  • Sleeping pad

  • Sleeping bag

  • Pillow

Put your astrology skills to the test by stargazing on clear nights while you camp with your family. Pack classic camping snacks like granola bars, almonds, and fruit leather to make the experience feel truly authentic. 

9. Play Capture the Flag

If you're looking for exercise games for kids, then you need to play Capture the Flag. In this original outdoor game, the objective is to retrieve the other team's flag and bring it back to your side without getting tagged. All you need to do is:

  • Form two teams

  • Establish the team's boundaries

  • Hide the flag

Make sure you use light touch tagging to avoid unnecessary roughness. Check out the official rules here

10. Try a Puzzle

An excellent challenge for kids is a puzzle. They can be mentally stimulating and fun for the whole family. Check out puzzles such as:

  • Trivia puzzles

  • Word puzzles

  • Cryptic puzzles

Remember everyone's brain works differently so a puzzle like Sudoku may be fun for one member of the family but another might prefer a word search. Offer variety in puzzle and difficulty level to keep choices diverse. 

11. Have a Photoshoot

No need for the paparazzi when you have an in house photoshoot. All you need to create your "studio" is a white wall and access to natural light. Feel free to dress up and add props to make it more meaningful.

Your photos can be a great thing to send out to family and friends to help stay connected! 

12. Do a Makeover 

Being stuck at home means a great chance to try a new look. Check out pictures of looks you and your loved ones like online. For a challenge try mimicking the look of favorite characters from movies or books.

For a total makeover, do:

  • Hair

  • Makeup

  • Wardrobe

Don't forget to take a before and after picture!

fun ideas while under quarantine

13. Create a Treasure Hunt

Transform your home into a treasure cove. Hide ten to twenty items around the house and watch your kids' exploration begin.

This can be a great option if you're looking for a break and want to keep the kids occupied for a little while. 

14. Take a Virtual Tour

virtual musuem hours

If you're looking to escape the house, take virtual tours from all around the world. Many zoos, parks, and museums offer free online field trips around their facilities.

Some of the parks offered include virtually:

  • Yellowstone National Park

  • Sequoia National Park

  • Acadia National Park

  • Glacier National Park

Some of the museums offered online include:

  • Boston Children's Museum

  • British Museum

  • The Louvre

Some of the zoos with virtual tours are:

  • The Cincinnati Zoo

  • San Diego Zoo

  • The Shedd Aquarium

15. Write a Letter

Recover a lost art and write a letter.

This is a great opportunity to learn a life long skill and stay connected with loved ones who are far away. 

16. Make an Obstacle Course

Making an obstacle course is a great way to encourage exercise games for kids. Easy obstacle courses for kids are:

  • Water Obstacle Courses

  • Spy Training Obstacle Courses

  • Backyard Obstacle Courses

This is a wonderful way to get the whole family involved!

17. Create a Fort

Create a fort to allow your children to have their own secret layer. This can be a great place to encourage reading, school work, and to have fun! Try different types of forts such as:

  • Cushion Fort

  • Sheet Fort

  • Cardboard Box Fort

18. Try Yoga

yoga while on quarantine

Looking to bring zen into your home and combat the proverbial cabin fever? Try yoga! 

86 percent of people who practice yoga say it helps reduce stress. Yoga can also help to improve mental and reduce anxiety. Check out free online videos for a group led activity.

Try These Family Activities at Home

Being confined to your home can be challenging, but managing time with family activities at home can help.

Remember each person in your house has unique interests, so communicate with your loved ones to find the best activities for your family.  

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