4 Natural Home Remedies For Head Lice | Get Rid of Lice Easily

Natural home remedies help with head lice, although this is partially denied. The home remedies are an attractive alternative for the gentle treatment of lice on the scalp and hair roots. If you have lice, home remedies are worth trying. Especially for pregnant women or small children who could be sensitive to chemicals.

Preparations for lice control

In all lice infestation cases, good lice comb for the head lice and their eggs, the nits, is very valuable and actually essential. Very narrow teeth on the comb, with a distance of approx. 0.2 to 0.3 millimeters, give the lice comb magical abilities when it comes to removing lice from your hair. Light-colored plastic combs are better than metal combs because they are softer and less painful when combing your hair. The light color also makes it easier to see the dark lice and eggs on the lice hunt. Use the lice comb before each lice treatment.

Home remedies for head lice

If you don't want to take action against pests with chemicals or expensive drugs from the pharmacy, there are natural home remedies for lice:
  • ⦁ Essential oils such as citronella, rosemary, tea tree, lavender, or rose geranium. Lice hate the smell of essential oils. Two drops of the oil are mixed with coconut oil or olive oil. So that the hair soaks, especially in the neck area, on the temples, and on the ears. Then put a shower cap over it and wrap all your hair in a towel and leave it on for 1 to hours. Then wash your hair with plenty of shampoo. You can add another drop of essential oil to the shampoo. In the pharmacy, various cleansers contain essential oils.
  • Massage olive oil into your hair and comb your hair with a comb soaked in olive oil. The lice should get caught in the home remedy and suffocate. Warm up the olive oil and then massage into hair and scalp. Leave the oil on for several hours or overnight. Then remove the eggs and nits with the lice comb. At the end, wash your hair thoroughly with a normal shampoo. Feel free to add a drop of tea tree or lavender oil.
  • Vinegar water has a paralyzing effect on the cheese. Make vinegar water from one part of household vinegar and two parts lukewarm water. Then massage this mixture into the scalp for ten minutes and leave it on. 
  • ⦁ Vaseline and mayonnaise will choke the lice. This is used to lubricate the hair and cover it under a plastic bag or a garbage bag on the hair. Then wrap it in a towel. Then this "anti-lice pack" should remain on the hair all night to smother all the lice.

Post-treatment combing out the nits

After all hair treatments, you need to comb the hair thoroughly with the lice comb. The damp hair is best treated with a commercially available conditioner to catch the lice better, which makes the small insects a little more sluggish. Then, the hairline's hair is combed through strand by strand, and the "result" is removed thoroughly with a towel. It can be checked in this way and how many hair lice and lice eggs (nits) have been recorded. Rinse the nit comb thoroughly with hot vinegar water after treatment.

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