Exercises for slim legs: just work out from your desk!

Goodbye to the gym - now get your legs fit while you work! Leg training can be incorporated wonderfully into everyday life.

Who would want to go to work after eight hours of sitting when it is much more comfortable on the couch? Exactly, nobody. After a long day at work, we'd like to allow ourselves to put our feet up.

The solution: multitasking! From now on we will no longer only use our brain cells in our job, but also our leg muscles. As representatives of the female sex, that should be easy for us. So, let's do the exercises for slim legs!

Exercises for Lean Legs # 1: The Calves

  1. A phone call provides time for a standing exercise that improves blood circulation.
  • Stand upright on tiptoe and pause for a moment.
  • Now slowly lower your heels to just before the floor, then lift them again.
  • Repeat this 15 times . Advanced students take a heavy folder into their own hands.

Tip: While you are standing on your tiptoes, tense your buttocks muscles - you kill two birds with one stone!

  1. Is it all about sitting today again? Optimal! Here's how you can even strengthen your calves and ankles alike:
  • Sit up straight with both feet on the floor.
  • Now alternately lift one heel off the floor, hold it for a few seconds and slowly let it sink back down.
  • To increase resistance, you can place a book or folder on your thighs while doing this.

Exercises For Lean Legs # 2: The Thighs

You can easily do these exercises from your desk chair while seated :

  1. Raise legs:
  • Put your buttocks against the front edge of your chair and sit up straight.
  • Now lift the right leg slightly off the floor, tense it and slowly and continuously stretch it.
  • Pause briefly while stretching, then slowly bend again under tension. Repeat this exercise about 15 times, then the left leg follows.
  1. Raise knee:
  • Assume a sitting posture.
  • Now, raise one knee as high as your table will allow and straighten your toes.
  • Hold this position for a few seconds and slowly lower your leg again.
  • Repeat five to ten times, then switch legs.

Exercises for Lean Legs # 3: The Leg Back

  1. An inconspicuous leg exercise for meetings, conferences or the executive talk:
  • Sit upright back and bend your legs about 120 degrees.
  • Pull your toes up while pressing your heels firmly into the ground.
  • Hold the whole thing for about 20 seconds, then loosen it again. Two to three repetitions are ideal.
  1. This exercise not only makes your legs slim, but also fun: what you need is an office chair with castors and a little space.
  • Sit firmly in your chair, bringing your legs parallel and close together.
  • Put your feet on the floor and push off so the chair rolls backwards. Keep your feet on the ground.
  • Then bring the chair back closer to your feet by bending your legs.

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