Yoga in old age: these asanas are really good for us now!

Steel muscles? We take a more relaxed approach. Here are the best yoga exercises for women over 50 - get on the mat, and off you go!

Of course, we would like to stay fit and flexible into old age. But what if a sore back and joint problems get in the way of our sportsmanship? Then yoga can be a wonderful alternative! Because the so-called asanas are gentle on the joints, strengthen the back, and much more. With targeted breathing, the pace is reduced, but the intensity of the individual sequences is increased. Discover now five ideal exercises for Yoga 50 plus: 

Yoga in old age, exercise # 1: cat and cow

Start with the cat-and-cow exercise: Here you stand on your mat in a four-footed position, exhaling round your back as if you were hunching over a cat , while inhaling, bend your middle slightly downwards.

  • This is what the exercise does:mobilizes the back muscles
  • makes the spine more flexible
  • relieves tension in the whole upper body

Yoga in Age, Exercise # 2: Downward Facing Dog

Come from the four-legged position to the downward-facing dog by straightening your legs and pushing your hips up. Make your back long, slide your buttocks out back and up, and try to bring your heels towards the floor.

This is what the exercise does: 

  • opens shoulders and chest
  • stretches the Achilles' tendons
  • takes tension out of the lumbar spine
  • strengthens the wrists
  • has a calming effect

Yoga in Old Age, Exercise # 3: Warriors I

Now go to Warrior I: Bring your right leg forward to your hands, reduce your step slightly and straighten up - the front leg at a 90-degree angle to the ground, the back straight. Raise both arms and hold them in the shape of a U.

  • This is what the exercise does:stabilizes the hip
  • strengthens arms, chest and shoulders
  • trains endurance and strength

Yoga in Old Age, Exercise # 4: Warriors II

Then come to Warrior II:

  1. Bring your right arm forward and your left arm back so that both arms are parallel to the ground.
  2. Align the rear foot parallel to the rear edge of the mat.
  3. Make sure your heels are in line.
  4. Look straight ahead.

Repeat Warrior I and Warrior II on the other side, with the left leg forward.

  • This is what the exercise does: excellent for core muscles, thighs, and buttocks
  • opens tense shoulders
  • strengthens the balance
  • sharpens concentration

Yoga in Age, Exercise # 5: Bridge

Now lie on your back. Bend your knees, pull your heels towards you, and place your palms on the floor next to your feet. Now lift your pelvis and gently support your lower back with your hands. But mainly let your back muscles work here.

  • This is what the exercise does: supports digestion
  • gives the hip mobility
  • strengthens the lower back

Do you suffer from hot flashes, headaches, and fatigue? These yoga figures can specifically help with menopausal symptoms.

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