Healthy drinks that will help you lose weight

Make a note of these healthy drinks: ginger water, vegetable juice, or green tea can be important power partners in losing weight.

If you want to lose a few pounds, the first thing to think about is changing your food and getting more exercise. That is also perfectly correct. But many forget how crucial drinking is in losing weight. The metabolism can only function properly when our body receives sufficient fluids. And that has a great influence on our body weight. If the biochemical processes (absorption, utilization, and removal of substances) are active and fast, it is easier for us to lose pounds.

What can alternatives to water be?

Two to three liters of still water a day would therefore be ideal. It does not contain any calories and can be used by the body without any problems. But if we are honest - water alone is boring in the long run, and many people use spritzers, sodas, coffee, and a glass of wine in the evening instead.

Sugar and alcohol are taboo

It is everything that contains sugar which, unfortunately, is counterproductive in dieting. Coffee is only healthy in moderation and is also often drunk with sugar and fatty milk. Alcohol is the worst opponent of weight loss because it is high in calories, makes you want to eat, and it inhibits fat loss.

We are therefore introducing you to delicious alternatives to water that either stimulate or satiate your metabolism. How convenient!

Healthy drinks 1: ginger water

A glass of hot water with fresh ginger before breakfast is the perfect start to your metabolism. Simply boil water, meanwhile cut the peeled ginger into slices or pieces, pour everything on, and let the mixture stand for at least ten minutes. A dash of lemon is also ideal. If the drink gets too sour for you, mix in a little honey.

Healthy drinks 2: green tea

This tea has several benefits for the body: It stimulates metabolism, promotes fat burning, and has an anti-inflammatory effect. It is also said to protect against free radicals and to slow down the rise in blood sugar levels after eating. Just make sure that you brew leaves and do not use bags because this is the only way to contain many natural plant substances in tea. And ideally, you should avoid sugar - every less spoonful will help you lose weight!

Healthy drinks 3: pineapple water

This water can also be produced very easily, and you have an important metabolic aid at hand right away. Cut pineapple into pieces, pour the pulp with plenty of water in a carafe and let it steep for several hours, for example overnight. Then sift out the pieces in the morning. Practical side effect: pineapple water should also ensure that water retention in the tissue is reduced. Less cellulite plus fewer pounds is awesome, isn't it?

Healthy drinks 4: vegetable juices / green smoothies

Feel free to swap fruit smoothies for green vegetable smoothies more often. These have less sugar and are very filling. You can mix anything you like: cucumbers, zucchini, spinach, or other colorful vegetables. Only avoid varieties that grow in the ground (potatoes or carrots) as these are more difficult to digest. Vegetable juices should not be confused with water, as they contain calories and are therefore meals. But if you've eaten a piece of cake in the afternoon before, the green smoothie is a perfect alternative.


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