Hidden Benefits of Chia Seeds | How to Ingest Chia Seeds for Longevity

Have you ever heard of a little seed called chia? Probably yes, but you may not know the many benefits it can provide to the human body. Chia is a seed that is part of the same family as sage and flax, called Lamiaceae.

The consumption of chia increases more and more in the world, as its beneficial properties to the human organism have been reinforced by specialists in the nutritional field. It contains numerous proteins, fibers, and various nutrients essential for the proper functioning of our body. But the truth is that chia has gained more emphasis and gained special fame because of its effects on specific diets - it can favor weight loss -, but it is clear that weight loss aid is only one of the benefits that it can provide.

Chia is still considered a superfood, but what is it that makes it so beneficial to human health? Check it out below.

What are the benefits of chia, and how to consume it?

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A great source of good fats, proteins, calcium, zinc, fibers, and phosphorus, chia is considered a complete protein because it contains all the essential amino acids for the proper functioning of the body - amino acids such that our body cannot produce. All these nutrients offered by it regulate our digestive system's functioning, thus avoiding feelings of discomfort such as bloating, for example. They are also essential for bone health, regulating cholesterol levels, and boosting our immune system.

Check out the main benefits of chia

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1. Controls diabetes: due to its large amount of fiber, chia prevents the drastic increase in blood glucose, thus controlling the sugar content in the bloodstream - ideal for moderating types 1 and 2 diabetes.

2. Reduces the risk of heart disease: chia contains a high content of omega 3, which consists of polyunsaturated carboxylic acids that act in the body as cholesterol controllers and inflammation reducers, so they prevent and protect the body from diseases that can affect the heart and brain, promoting good memory and also disposition.

3. Prevents premature aging: chia is a seed rich in several antioxidants, and its frequent consumption can prevent the formation of unstable molecules - or free radicals - that destroy cell membranes. This means that eating chia regularly can delay the skin's aging process.

4. Favors weight loss: chia seeds contain a large amount of fiber, which makes them absorb water from the body, becoming a kind of gel and occupying a certain space in the stomach, thus giving a feeling of satiety and decreasing the desire to eat food. But watch out: alone, no food loses weight. Chia can be a facilitator, but that is not why you should consume only it.

5. Protects and strengthens bones: calcium is an essential mineral for bones to be healthy - and chia has a lot of it. That is why these little seeds are great allies in bone health and prevent diseases such as osteoporosis.

How to consume chia

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Chia seeds are extremely versatile and can be consumed in countless ways. You can add the seeds to cake doughs, bread, pancakes, or other recipes that are still to be baked; it can include chia in salads, soups, yogurts, desserts, or any other meal that is already ready. An extremely tasty option is to include chia seeds in omelet recipes. In addition to increasing the flavor, they will give the dish a special crispness.
It is worth noting that chia can be found as a seed, oil, or flour and therefore can be consumed in countless ways. The ideal is that you consume two tablespoons a day, to be able to absorb all the benefits of it.

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