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It is one of the richest nuts with the most nutritional properties. In fact, its consumption is increasingly widespread. And it is no longer limited to eating them in appetizers and stews, but the properties of almonds are so popular and valued that there are more and more products derived from this fruit, such as milk or almond drink, almond flour almond, and many more; but also for the cosmetic industry, proof of this is almond oil for hair or skin. But do you want to know the properties of the almond that make it have this recognition?

Rich in minerals and vitamins

picture of a bowl of almonds
Almonds are rich in minerals like magnesium and phosphorus. But it is a contribution of calcium that makes them especially beneficial for health and a perfect substitute for dairy. In fact, this is one of the properties of almond milk that has made it one of the most widespread and popular vegetable drinks.
Another important property of almonds is their vitamin value. Especially in vitamin E, a fat-soluble nutrient acts as an antioxidant and, therefore, helps the body protect itself from free radicals. That is why it is said that almonds are an excellent ally to strengthen the immune system that helps us prevent diseases.

Heart healthy

heart healthy foodsAlmonds are food that helps maintain our cardiovascular health in perfect condition. One of the benefits of taking almond oil is that it has a high percentage of fatty acids that keep bad cholesterol at bay and enhance good cholesterol.

Source of energy and power the intellect

handful of almonds
If you feel lacking in energy, nothing better than a good handful of almonds to regain vitality. And is that its protein content, make them a perfect tonic. Ideal for after playing sports or when you notice some physical apathy.
And if what you need is more intellectual performance, unsaturated fatty acids and phosphorus will boost energy for the brain that will help prevent mental fatigue during exam times or when a lot of work.

The properties of almonds in cosmetics

almonds and cosmetic treament
If you like to take care of yourself, you will have noticed more and more cosmetics that have almonds in their formulation. The reason for this is found in the properties of almond oil. And among which we find:
⦁ It is an excellent moisturizer, capable of retaining the water in the skin, thus delaying the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.
⦁ It also has healing power, which makes almond oil an excellent ally that helps to erase scars.
⦁ In skin allergies or skin wounds, they can also be treated with almond oil, thanks to its anti-inflammatory and softening power.
⦁ It is precisely this softening property of almonds that makes almond oil especially beneficial for hair products. And it is that it gives them hydration, smoothness, and spectacular shine.
Surely you now understand that almonds' popularity is not due to a simple fad, but there are more than enough reasons for them to enjoy being one of the most important nuts out there.

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