Torn Corners of the Mouth | Just annoying or Dangerous?

The medical term for torn corners of the mouth is "angular rhinitis." These are small cracks that, despite their size, are often quite painful, especially when they come into contact with food or toothpaste. If they are not treated, they can also become infected - in the worst case, the tears can become chronic. Therefore, it is important to treat them promptly.

Causes of the cracks

The causes can be of various kinds. For example:
⦁ Dry heated rooms in winter
⦁ Colds
⦁ Iron deficiency
⦁ Zinc deficiency
⦁ Vitamin deficiency
⦁ Bacterial infections, e.g., streptococci
⦁ Viral infections, e.g., herpes
⦁ Fungal infections, e.g., Candida yeast
⦁ diabetes
⦁ Immune diseases
⦁ Skin conditions such as eczema
⦁ Allergies
All of these things cause the skin of the lips to become dry and chapped. If it is then irritated while eating or by opening the mouth wide, it will begin to tear. Eating and moving the mouth can make the cracks worse, causing inflammation and crusting. Bacteria or fungi may also settle in the wound and prevent it from healing.

Torn corners of the mouth as a warning sign

In principle, anyone can be affected by torn corners of the mouth. They usually heal on their own. Dry lips are not uncommon, especially during a cold or in winter. However, if the cracks do not heal permanently or if additional symptoms occur, you should consult a doctor. They will ask you

... about your state of health
... about previous illnesses
... about known allergies
... about taking medication and, if necessary
... examine the corners of your mouth for abnormalities and changes
... one Take a smear
... do a blood count
... do an allergy test.

A precise clarification creates clarity

These tests can be used to clarify whether, for example, other symptoms suggest that the disease is more serious. Also, it can be clarified in the conversation whether there are side effects of any medication taken, for example, antibiotics can lead to chapped lips. A precise assessment and a smear can also be used to check whether bacteria, viruses, or fungi have already infected the torn wound corners. Deficiency symptoms can be excluded as a cause by blood count. If dental problems are known, or a prosthesis is available, a dentist's clarification can be useful.

A common cause: iron deficiency

A lack of trace elements or vitamins is often to blame for the appearance of corners of the mouth. In many cases, it is caused by an iron deficiency. In particular, women are at risk of iron deficiency due to the loss of blood during menstruation. Widespread eating habits such as a vegetarian diet or following a diet can also lead to insufficient iron in the body. Diffuse symptoms such as tiredness, rapid exhaustion, headaches, and chapped lips occur here. The cause of an iron deficiency should definitely be clarified because dangerous internal diseases such as gastrointestinal ulcers can also cause it.

The treatment of torn corners of the mouth

In general, wound ointments or zinc oxide ointments can be used. It is best to apply it overnight so that it is not rubbed off again when you eat. Honey, combined with olive oil, for example, is suitable as a home remedy. Honey has not only healing but also a disinfecting effect.

If the corners of the mouth do not heal within a few days, it may be useful to see a doctor for medication to treat underlying causes if necessary. Classic lip balm sticks promise to alleviate the symptom, but do not really contribute to healing. Rather rely on creams from the pharmacy!

You should also try - and this isn't easy if the corner of your mouth is torn - to keep the area dry. Tongue away from the sore spot! And keep dabbing off the saliva.

Prevention of torn corners of the mouth

To prevent your lips from tearing, you should keep them soft and pliable. For this, you should also avoid moistening your lips with spit. Unfortunately, saliva can increase the risk of infection. Furthermore, if your lips are already irritated, you should avoid spicy and acidic foods. Try to eat a healthy diet rich in vitamins and prevent deficiencies by regularly checking your blood values ​​before they become serious. When buying nourishing lipsticks, you should make sure that they do not dry out your lips even more but have a moisturizing effect.

Conclusion: no need to worry

In most cases, torn corners of the mouth are uncomfortable but harmless. With a little care of the irritated lips, they usually disappear on their own within a few days. Just make sure to keep them protected during the healing!
Many diseases cause chapped lips, but there are other symptoms as well. However, torn corners of the mouth can be the first warning sign. Take care of your body - if the corners of your mouth do not heal or if you feel uncomfortable in any other way, you should rather see a doctor. Often the cause is just a lack of vitamins or trace elements, which can be treated well.

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