What is a glucometer and when should you use it?

Glucometers are used to take a measurement of the blood sugar level -Glycemia- and corroborate if you are in good health or if you should make changes in your diet, sports, or medical treatment. 

There is a wide variety of models on the market. Now, in general, this type of instrument is usually easy to use and comfortable to move. In the case of diabetic patients, it is necessary that they carry it with them at all times, especially if you are starting a new medical treatment.

Sometimes changes in routine, treatments, etc., can lead to a rise or fall in blood sugar. For this reason, it will be necessary to consult the state of health immediately, by taking a capillary blood sample.

These measuring devices are very comfortable, simple and light, for this reason they are great allies for those who suffer from type 1 or type 2 diabetes. Just as some patients do not go out without their insulin, it is also necessary to go out with this equipment. The results of this type of apparatus are very reliable. In reality, the variety between one model and another is its size, how fast it gives the results, or the compatibility of test strips.


  • This type of device has the property of telling you the blood glucose status in seconds.
  • Some have the property of storing the results in their internal memory. In this way, you can easily compare your evolution during a change in your routine.
  • They have screens, some large to facilitate the results of those with vision problems. Some have a speaker so you can hear the result.
  • Some kits contain sterile lancets or test strips that fit various models of glucometers.


  • It allows you to keep an exact control of your state of health.
  • The results obtained in seconds will allow you to take immediate adjustments.
  • With this device at home, it is unnecessary to go to any health center to check your sugar level.

How to use glucometers?

Using the glucometer is very simple, in fact, it can be said that using it will take a few steps.

We will detail it below.

  • Clean the finger that you are going to prick with alcohol or if you have it, do it with soap and water
  • To take capillary blood glucose, prick your finger with the equipment's sterile hypodermic needle or lancet.
  • Take a small blood sample from one of your fingers.
  • Once punctured, press your finger so that the drop of blood can come out.
  • Collect the sample with the glucometer strip. (Verify that it is on the correct side)
  • Wait for the result. It may vary depending on the equipment, some models of glucometers give the result in 5 seconds. Some have a speaker that tells you as soon as the result comes out. Other models; slightly older, they can take up to a minute.

Recommendations for use

  • Although some meters allow you to use multiple test strips, it is much better to use the same brand. Otherwise, you can affect the reliability of the results.
  • Acquire strips of authorized sale.
  • Never reuse the strips.
  • Make sure your hands are clean, grease or some residue may alter the results.
  • Make sure that the finger is dry, because if it is wet the drop of blood can be diluted in water, and they can also reflect inaccurate results.

How do glucometers work?

These teams have a very simple functionality system. In fact, if you have been able to detail this type of equipment, you will have noticed that its design is very simple and has few parts. In reality, it can be said that the protagonist of giving accurate results in the field of health is the strip.

The strips contain enzymes and electrical intensity which is activated by the drop of blood placed on it. Once the enzyme in the strip is integrated with the glucose, an oxidation process takes place, which in turn generates electrons. Finally, this chemical reaction causes a micro electric current, which is sent to the glucometer. Ready! The device shows us the result.

It is important to note that the doctor may recommend the use of this equipment when the patient has barely been diagnosed. This is because you must ensure that the treatment or diet is appropriate. Now, after a while, the reviews will decrease. However, it is always convenient to have the equipment in operation to immediately check any emergency of the state of health at home, such as dizziness, weakness, tremors, etc.

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