Zac Efron danced again in a video and showed that 'High School Musical' will always live in him

In 2006, Zac Efron became the teen crush of a generation thanks to his role as Troy Bolton in High School Musical. In addition to his great appeal, the actor showed great talent as a dancer and singer. Fifteen years after his debut as Troy, his experience in  High School Musical shines again thanks to a fun video where he shows that he continues to master any dance step. 

Zac's latest projects have been mainly focused on documentaries, adventures, and even action shorts like his most recent collaboration with Jessica Alba on  Dubai Presents: A Five-Star Mission. However, that is not to say that he has completely forgotten about his talents as a dancer. 

Right on the set of Dubai Presents: A Five-Star Mission, Jessica encouraged Zac to take a break from filming to debut on TikTok with nothing less than a dance challenge.

The actress explained that it took her about an hour to learn the steps of the challenge, while Zac completely overshadowed her since the actor managed to perfect the choreography in just two minutes!

To the rhythm of 'Don't Rush (remix),' Zac recorded his first TikTok in the company of Jessica Alba. Both begin with a series of simple steps where they demonstrate their great coordination and synchrony. However, the end is the one that takes the applause, since Zac shows that he has everything to dance to the floor. 

«The time I had @zacefron do a TikTok with me between takes while we were recording ??? with #CraigGillespie for #DubaiPresents. Learning this dance took me at least an hour, and Zac got it done in 2 minutes! It is not a joke! This was also his first TikTok ?????? »

Actually, it's not a surprise that Efron learned the choreography so quickly. The actor has quite a bit of experience perfecting choreography and dancing in front of the camera with both the three High School Musical films and his appearances in the Hairspray and  The Greatest Showman productions.

What did you think of their dance? Do you think it was a good debut on TikTok? Share your opinion in the comments. 

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