Samantha Jones already has a replacement in 'Sex and the City': see what the new friend looks like

1998 was the year Sex, and the City was released, one of the series that became part of pop culture due to its sense of humor, unique characters, and countless lessons in love.

With the arrival of HBO Max, new projects were announced, and one of them was the return of New Yorkers: Carrie, Miranda, and Charlotte. However, we will not see dear Samantha Jones as she already has a replacement.

We tell you who she is and why actress Kim Cattrall no longer took on her successful role!

The new actress of Sex and The City

Recently, Sarah Jessica Parker, uploaded a photograph of the cast for the series, and there is a notable change as actress Nicole Ari Parker will try to fill the void left by Samantha.

She will play Lisa, a mother of three who joins her inner circle of friends. Thus confirming that public relations expert Samantha Jones will not even make an appearance.

If you're wondering what happened to Kim Cattrall and why she won't return, here's the story!

Why won't actress Kim Cattrall return?

Kim confirmed at various points that returning to Sex and the City was impossible. Although her relationship with the cast seemed like a dream friendship, she had an important difference with Sarah Jessica Parker's protagonist, who began with their salary.

In addition to being Carrie Bradshaw, Sarah worked as a producer on the series, which greatly increased her pay. So when Kim realized the great financial success of the show, she asked for an adjustment to her earnings, which never came.

The disagreement began to linger in the past, and the cast returned for two feature films, but rumors of their bad relationship continued to the point that Sarah was asked in an interview, where she replied that she adored Kim and that she would not have done the same. Series without her.

However, it is said that there may have been a little anger on the part of Sarah when the third movie was being planned, because Kim, was called to be Samantha again and responded with a simple: "no thanks, I'm fine."

This was confirmed in October 2017 during an interview with Piers Morgan, where she replied that she would not accept any project related to the series again because she was happy with the stage she had as Samantha Jones, but it was a thing of the past, and she decided to finish that chapter of her life.

She also emphasized that being 10 years older than her peers, she no longer saw herself in the same place, and even suggested that someone else should play Samantha or bring in a new character. Check out the interview below!

She wished all her colleagues the best and added that she would be cheering them on as part of the audience, because yes, in her perspective, they were never friends, rather colleagues.

"We have been colleagues and, in a way, it is a very healthy place to be because then you have a clear line between your life and professional and personal relationship."

It seems that Sarah Jessica and the company listened to Kim, launching the new series. It only remains to see how they will carry the story without Samantha Jones. Do you think it is a success or a failure?

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