9 of the Best Front Yard Landscaping Ideas on a Budget

Are you thinking of upgrading your front yard landscape, and you are scared it would be too expensive? There are many different ideas you can explore that won't cost much and would make your front yard look good all year round. Below we will be exploring nine of the best front yard landscaping ideas on a budget. There are plenty of cheap ideas to use for your backyard

Here below are nine of the best front yard landscaping ideas on a budget

1. Plant Edible Garden and Evergreen Trees

Image Source: Sunset Magazine

Planting trees is one of the best and cheapest ways to revamp your front yard. What is a better way to design your outdoors than to turn it into an awesome edible landscape? An edible garden is a very good front yard design that could last for months. If you want to start with an edible garden, you only need to get the seeds, which don't normally cost much.

With these seedlings, you can turn your front yard into an edible garden. When picking the seed, make sure you take note of the season to pick the right seeds to get the best results. It will be easy for your seeds to grow easily when it is in their preferred weather. Planting an edible garden, you don't need an expert, as you can easily do this yourself.

You can easily experiment with the evergreen trees also beside your edible garden. But trees won't grow as fast as an edible garden and would take some time to grow fully. But when it does, it is going to be so beautiful.

It is going to provide the much-needed shade and cool current to your front yard. Trees like oak, maple, and other deciduous trees will make your property look beautiful all year long, except during the winter. If you are considering winter, you can use trees like blue spruce and jack pine.  

2.Modern Fencing

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Not everyone might like to put out a forest in their front yard. Some people just want something modern, and a good way to give your home that look is through a modern fence. Incorporating some modern fencing for your front yard is not just cheap; it is also not expensive.

Modern fencing is one front yard landscaping ideas that would always remain relevant for a long time. Whether it's a huge first yard or just a small garden, adding a modern fence will definitely give it a good look. Modern fencing will make your front yard look very polished and modern. The material required for making a modern fence is not costly, and it is very easy to maintain.

3. Light Up Your Yard


Image Source: All-Craft Renovations

Nothing beats having some lights on your front yard to light up the night. There is almost no review article on landscaping ideas that you won't find at least one option that would involve lighting up your front yard. It is so dope, especially when it's lit up in the night.

There is a lot of design you can do with outdoor lights; it is good to know that most outdoor light bulbs these days are LEDs that add a lot of color to the environment without generating high electric bills. You can choose to fill your outdoor both backyard and front yard with LED lights. Try adding a little bit of creativity with the lights' arrangement to make it more fun. This is so cool as a front yard design and would save some stress to redecorate for festive seasons.

4. Use Borders

Using Borders is another brilliant design idea for your front yard landscaping. What makes borders great is the level of cleanliness and beauty it gives to your front yard after installing them. With borders installed, your front yard will have defined spaces. There are a lot of options to go for when using borders. You can use some plastic borders, border boxes, etc. There are endless ways you can use borders. They help create space separating the different sections of your front yard; it will separate the flower beds from the lawns and other plants.

5. Make Use Of Low Maintenance Grasses

Image Source: Mega Grass

Making use of grass for your front yard is a very good idea, but when we consider the cost of maintaining such, then we might rethink the idea and look for better ones. Thankfully, there are grasses that you don't need all the maintenance expenses you will spend with normal grasses. This option is known as low maintenance grass.

Using low maintenance grass will reduce maintenance costs and reduce the time you use to mow in the spring and the time to apply fertilizers as they don't need it. An example is the Korean velvet grass; it doesn't need water and only needs to be mowed just once every year, saving you time and money, and it still looks great all year long. 

6. Go Green And Install Solar Lights


Image Source True Lumens

Solar light installation is a great option for folks that live in dry areas where there is a lot of sunlight. Why not make use of this sunlight to beautify your front yard. You can install solar paths along the walkway of your front yard. As they take in sunlight in the day, they turn the sun intensity into electricity and store it in their battery to be available for use at night.

You will easily turn them on to illuminate your property and add color to your front yard at night. It won't increase your home electrical bills as it is not connected to your house electricity. Installing solar lights in your front yard is not expensive, as there are a lot of cheap options out there.

7. Decorate Your Yard With a Solar Powered Bird Bath Fountain Pump

Birdbaths add a unique water feature to your front yard without using the complex water connections as they don't need it. Most bed baths might be expensive, some costing up to a buck. But there is another option: installing an electric fountain that uses solar energy, which doesn't add to your electric bill.

A solar-powered bird bath fountain pump is a fountain pump that runs on solar energy, very efficient, and runs automatically. It has three nozzle spray designs that will not only decorate your front yard but also pump water in the form of a fountain to your birdbath, garden, etc. The solar-powered fountain pump is a brushless pump with a water spray height of about 50cm depending on the nozzles' connection. Once the solar panel receives sunlight, it will start pumping automatically in 3 seconds, creating irrigation for your garden and birdbath. Get yours here!

8. Experiment With Rocks

Image Source: Second Nature Outdoor Living & Landscaping

Rocks can add a lot of beauty to your front yard; there is a lot of rock laying around that you can add to design your front year. Rocks are ideal for adding texture to front yards and are also great materials for filling any empty corner on your front yard.

Not only are they beautiful, but they are also so very available as a lot of them can be gotten very close to your house. Make sure you arrange them very well because if you don't design it in an orderly and nice way, it might look all weird, so be creative with it.

9, Setup Ornamental Colored Trees and Build a Flower Bed Around Them

Image Source: Hoerr Nursery

At the beginning of this article, we talked about large shade trees that would surely add some awesome touch to your front yard, but now we want to consider colorful trees. An example is the Japanese maples that will offer a very colorful and beautiful look to your front yard.

Japan's maple trees are quite expensive, but some of the varieties are quite cheap. The Japanese maple is known to grow faster and is friendly to beginning landscapers. Other colorful trees include cherry trees.

When you finally have your tree, you can add a flower bed to give it character. The bed's colors should align with the color of the front of your house. This will surely add a lot of beauty to your house.

In Conclusion

With these, we have listed a lot of the available cheap options to use for your first year landscaping designs. All options listed here won't cost you a lot of money, but here are some tips to keep on your mind before going through with any of the options.

Make sure when planting plants or trees, choose low-maintenance ones. Also, when using anything that involves electricity, try using solar. It is the cheapest form of electricity in the world.

And lastly, feel free to be creative with your designs, like installing the lights and other design ideas. It's not about using materials. It's about being creative with the ones you have. And finally, it is your front yard so, design it to your taste!  

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