Home Decor 2020 | What You Need To Perk Your Home

The new year marks a new beginning of life, and one of the best ways of channeling into this is to refurnish your home and give it a stylish new look. The interior decor of your home should align with your taste in terms of color, texture, and comfort, and this article is going to take you on a ride through the trends in home decor 2020. After this read, you should be able to design a wonderland of your own; a paradise that you will relish and bask in for months or years to come.

1. Multipurpose furniture pieces

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Gone are the days when household furniture took an awful amount of space in the home. In 2020, you don't even need to have different pieces of furniture- they litter the house and they are bad for space management. Optimize space in your home by investing in furniture that combine a couple of functions without sacrificing style and finesse. Consider the mirror-ironing board piece, Matroshka furniture, or expandable chairs. Your home is bound to look more organized, compact, and stylish with multipurpose furniture, so what are you waiting for

2. Traditional fireplaces are cancelled!

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Because the trend has been part and parcel of the world of home interior decor, this statement might raise some eyebrows. Anyway, it is what it is, and it had to be said, plus, many home owners also agree with the move. Maintenance and pollution issues have made the conventional wood and gas fireplaces hit rock bottom in the pecking order. For your safety, it’s best to scratch traditional fire places out of potential choices for your interior home décor. Perhaps a new modern portable fireplace will add some zest to your collection of home decor?

3. Medieval objects

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This is kind of weird because we're talking about the new year, but here's a point that describes the past. Well, there's nothing wrong in going a little vintage when creating the decor of your home. Remember that the goal is not to make your home look like setting of a Viking movie, but to introduce some basic objects with materials that feel good to touch and build an aura of mystery and intrigue in your home.

4. Embroidery

This particular trend helps create a setting of artistic ingenius that beckons to the soul and the feel of hands. Embroidery is a contemporary art form that is now being considered as a method of amping interior decor. The patterns have to be subtle, but bold enough to make a difference, with the colors applied being dependent on the color of the primary object. You can embroider on your cushion, pillows, and cotton wipes, or introduce a newly embroidered piece of cloth-in into your home.

5. Transparent and colored glass items

Looking for a way to add some color shades to spice up the outlook of your home, without having to repaint? These transparent and colored babies are a great choice to achieve that. Whether as light lamps, or flower vases, these glass items add to the beauty of the home, and you could never go wrong with them. You want to know a fun fact? When light passes through these glass items, they illuminate and slightly change the color of the environment, meaning you can use them as light lamps to optimize their beauty.

6. Floral wallpapers

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Simple, but elegant wallpapers add a magic touch to the look of the home. It is a typical 2020 home decor move that you should consider too. The most common place to attach floral wallpapers is the bedroom, but the dining area is a pretty decent choice too. You can be dynamic with the flower patterns, colors, and types too, meaning you have total control over how your home looks. Try some mural or 3D for your wallpaper design, bliss!

7. You can say goodbye to solid pale colors

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The trend of have pale-colored rooms that match with the furniture, floors, ceilings, walls, and fabric will reach a dead end in 2020. Why? It makes the environment look pale, literally. There's no need to incorporate the sadness of the outside world in your home. Why don't you go bold? Be brave and daring in your home decor approach by applying colors like Lafayette Blue or Damask Gold (these two go together perfectly by the way). Persian melon works pretty well too.

8. If colors fail, you can always turn to black and white

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Despite being totally opposite colors, black and white actually combine perfectly in more ways than you can count. So if you're feeling like the bold or pale colors in your home are not the best fit for the new year, there's a simple alternative in black and white. High contrast is becoming a thing this year, so move with the flow and give your home that grey scale look.

Turn Your Vision Into A Reality!

Home decor 2020 has taken a really wild turn, and it can only get wilder in the coming years. The interesting thing about design and trends is that they're both like pendulums; never stable, and totally unpredictable. Fireplaces or pale monochromatic colors may become a thing once again in the future, who knows?

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