11 Mysterious Facts About the Planet Saturn

The planet Saturn is the sixth planet from the sun and one of the largest in regards to its mass and circumference. Saturn is by far one of the most unique of the planets due to it's large rings and number of moons that encase the planet. Giving Saturn the title  "Planet with the most satellites"! 

A Hurricane That Lasts Decades?!

🪐1.During the Cassini space expedition NASA came across some very intriguing photos of Saturn's surface. One being at the north pole they discovered a hexagonal shaped hurricane that slowly restates in relation to Saturn's orbit (as seen in the picture below) NASA claims this hurricane has been existent on Saturn's north pole for decades. One of the longest lasting hurricanes known to man

.Saturns Hexagon at the north pole

🪐2.Storms on the planet Saturn can last for years or even decades. A long-lived 2004 storm on Saturn,known as  the “Dragon Storm,” created mega-lightning that was recorded to be 1,000 times more powerful than lightning on Earth.

The Real "Lord of the Rings"?

🪐3.The rings of Saturn are considered the largest compared to any other planet.  Generally, only 3 rings can be seen by regular telescopes, High-tech telescopes can view 8 rings. When the spacecraft Cassini orbited Saturn, it counted well over 30 rings. It is important to note that these rings are nearly impossible to count since they are comprised of millions of  small rocks creating the illusion of various ring systems..

🪐4.The planet Saturn is named after the Roman god of farming, Saturn, who was also the father of the Roman god Jupiter. Saturn was also worshiped during the festival of Saturnalia and also honored on Saturday. Satur-day comes from the name of the planet Saturn.

🪐5. In the ancient times of Mesopotamia the known supreme and king of all gods who was known as EL. The deity EL was said to be the planet Saturn. Which is a name you will find in words regarding power. Such as EL-ection El-der El-evated or even names of angels such  Rapha-EL Zadki-EL and so on.

Let's Go On a Vacation to Saturn! .... or not

🪐6.It is estimated that the  atmospheric pressure on Saturn is over 100 times greater than of Earth’s atmospheric pressure. The pressure is so powerful  It would crush any human-made spacecraft. That being said  we most likely won't be taking any trips to Saturn any time soon

🪐7.Saturn rotates at around 6,200 miles per hour making it the second fasting rotating planet next to Jupiter.

🪐8.A year on Saturn is 10,759.22 days due to its slow moving orbit

Why Move to Florida when you can get 8 years of summer on Saturn!

🪐.9.Since Saturn's orbit is slightly tilted. It is estimated that Saturn's summer season lasts about 8 earth years

🪐10.In Astrology Saturn is regarded as a planet of order, hard work, justice and karma. It is said that Saturn is the planet that teaches us a lesson when we do bad deeds aka when we have negative karma.

🪐11.Saturn is the least dense of all of the planets within the solar system. Scientists claim that if all of the planets were to be thrown into a body of water, Saturn would be the only one to float

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