Hidden Treasures around the world

Who never wanted to get rich overnight? Every citizen of the planet's dream is to win the lottery and not have to worry about paying for a child's school, electricity, insurance, taxis, and be able to buy cars, jewelry, and covers that the money can.

If you play the lottery every day and haven't won anything yet, calm down, there's still a chance to wake up as a millionaire. Many fortunes were lost in the course of history. Today we are going to give you all the information that the brave need to find great fortunes around the world in this list of 6 treasures that you can still find.

Napoleon's Treasure

Can you find Napoleons treasure
Things were not going well for Napoleon, and he decided to flee Moscow. The Frenchman ordered his troops to carry several gold pieces, historical objects, and ancient weapons. However, they were attacked all the way, and much of the treasure was abandoned to flee faster and survive. Part of the fortune has been found, but many remain lost in Russia, near the villages of Zhernovka and Velisto.

Treasure in the Mojave Desert

Treasure in the mohave desert
It may seem immense madness for a ship to have sunk 160 km from the Pacific Ocean into a desert. But if true, there are millions of dollars in pearls in the Salton Sea region of California.

Experts believe that a large tide from the Gulf of California collided with the Colorado River, and too much water caused a Spanish ship to be carried to the Salton Sea. The ship was supposed to have thousands of pearls on board and was never found.

Jean Lafitte's treasure

Jean Lafitte's treasure
Jean LaFitte, along with his brother Pierre, were pirates who spent their lives attacking and stealing ships in the Gulf of Mexico and then selling the goods in warehouses that they owned. Apparently, the business was doing very well, and it was so much wealth that they decided to bury a good part.
After Lafitte died, between 1823 and 1830, several small treasures are believed to have been buried off the coast of New Orleans.

Treasury of San Miguel

Treasury of San Miguel
In 1712, Spain assembled one of the largest fleets of ships ever assembled. There were 11 ships filled with silver, gold, pearl, and jewelry. The estimate is that at current values, ​​it would be around R $ 6 billion.

The plan was to leave Cuba just before the hurricane season began to not risk being plundered by pirates. However, hurricanes hit the ships, and the entire fleet sank. Seven ships have already been found along with some riches, but they say that the ship San Miguel was the one that contained the most weight, and this one was never found.

The Treasure Map on the Dead Sea Scrolls

The Treasure Map on the Dead Sea Scrolls
The Dead Sea scrolls' discovery is considered one of the greatest of the last century for its tremendous religious and linguistic value. Along with the scrolls was found a map made of copper with instructions to find various gold and silver pieces hidden in Israel.
Now it's easy to find, isn't it? It wasn't. The map is all in ancient Hebrew, a language that we only know from other ancient scriptures. Not only that, but the instructions are given as follows: "At the funeral temple, on the third stone path: 100 pieces of gold". To understand all this, it is vital to know Israel's geography in the 4th century BC.

Tomb of Emperor Tu Duc

Treasure of emperor tu duc
Tu Duc was an emperor of Vietnam, completely infertile and had 104 wives. When he died, he didn't have an heir, so he decided to make a hiding place inside his tomb for all his fortune. It is said that what was not spent on constructing the giant tomb is hidden in some wall over there.

Then you think, "But someone must have carried that whole fortune into hiding." Yes, but the emperor loved his gold so much that he executed all 200 servants who participated in the tomb's construction.

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