5 Important Events in History That Changed the World Forever

History is full of crucial episodes, many of which have been lost over time, while for others, we have only partial testimonies. Be that as it may, the truth is that not all of them deserve to be called important events in history, that is, those that left a significant mark and made the world as we know it now.

We propose a simple exercise: remember and, without thinking too much, mention at least five facts that you think can be included in this category. Which one would you start with? In what era would you place the first and the last?

Important events in history: before and after

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The so-called important events in history are those that led to a resounding change in the world in which they occurred, and after which life on Earth was never the same again. The list could be infinite, so this time we have selected some of them:

1) The discovery of fire (1.4 million years ago)

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It happened at the dawn of humanity and allowed the first humans to differentiate themselves from other species that had preceded them. Its use gave way to the domain of light and heat and the development of new forms of life and new technologies.

2) The invention of the wheel (3500 BC)

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The testimonies indicate that the wheel was designed in Mesopotamia around the year 3500 BC. Although in the first stage its use was domestic, mainly as a kind of lathe, later man saw how practical it was to use it in means of transport. Without the wheel, practically none of the advances that we know of would have been possible.

3) The Enlightenment (18th century)

The Enlightenment (18th century)
It also receives the name of Age of Reason. Although it had as its epicenter the France and England of the eighteenth century, in the following centuries, it inspired numerous demands and social struggles, especially those that demanded the protection of Human Rights and social justice. The Enlightenment was an awakening in many ways: artistic, intellectual, political, cultural, etc.

4) The arrival of man on the Moon (the year 1969)

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"A small step for man, a great leap for humanity." This is how astronaut Neil Armstrong described man's arrival on the Moon, a feat that he himself achieved in July 1969

5) The irruption of the Internet and new technologies

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In 1966, the defense services of the United States were working on a computer security model that could connect different computers together. Without knowing it, its creators laid the foundations of what is now the Internet, the great digital network in which millions of people navigate every day. Despite the great social, cultural, and economic transformation that it has brought in recent decades, it is still in its early evolutionary stages. In fact, it is believed that its multiple possibilities will shape the destiny of the world in the 21st century.

Historical events have been many, but important events in history only a few. Can you think of any more?

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