dreaming about animals : dream symbols

Dreams about animals can have many meanings, as each animal represents something different. Often, the meanings can refer to the person's own personality or to specific moments in life.
Check out what dreaming about animals can mean

Dreaming of a dog

sad dong laying on a couch
Dreaming about a dog usually means a good omen! It couldn't be different, right? Dogs are a symbol of loyalty. Dreaming about this animal can represent true friendships, personal and professional success, or solutions for relationships.
If the owner dreams of his own dog, it means that loyal friends will support him. If the animal is someone else's, it will be requested by the person who is related.
If the dog looks unusual, you will find a way to resolve outstanding situations in your life. Watchdog or guide dog means that professional opportunities will arise. If he is friendly, new friendships will help him in situations in his love life.
If you dream of dogs fighting, postpone business discussions for a few days.
If he is attacking someone or destroying objects, it is a sign that you need to pay more attention to the people around you. Take care of your health if you dream of a dog being attacked by another animal or human.

Dreaming about snake

snake in a forest
Dreaming about a snake can be scary, but it can have positive meanings depending on the context. It may be linked to sexual life, to passing passions, but also to envy or betrayal.
If the snake is wrapped around its neck, it is a signal to free itself and live, responsibly, the pleasures of sex life. If you dream of a snake crawling on the floor, pay attention to your friendly relationships. Someone is probably not being as sincere as he appears. If the snake is at home, the betrayal may be happening in the family.
When you dream that you can disperse a snake, you will get rid of envious people. If not, it can mean cheating in the workplace. If you kill it, success will come quickly.
Dreaming that a snake bit you can mean financial problems. If someone else is stung, victory over an enemy is guaranteed.

Dreams with lice

what does it mean to dream about lice
It may be bizarre to dream about lice, but those dreams exist! It is necessary to look at all the factors present in the life of those who have this dream to make the connections. Perhaps you are experiencing emotional tension and feel that they are taking advantage of you.
Feeling extremely uncomfortable with the presence of lice may mean that you need to learn to deal with unexpected situations.

Otherwise, they can hurt you a lot. Dreaming about head lice can mean disappointments, which can be the loss of an important business or the end of a relationship.
On the other hand, dreaming about lice at home can mean prosperity! If it is not an increase in business, it can indicate money coming. If the lice are on someone else's head, watch the person you are relating to. There may be problems between you.

Dream about spider

focused photo of spider with white background
The spider represents female power and is a symbol of a woman's maternal ability. However, dreaming of a spider can mean fear of problems and hopelessness. Sometimes, it can be linked to the person's insecurity not being able to achieve their goals.
Dreaming that you killed a spider is a sign of difficult problems and bad luck. If, in the dream, you are bitten by a spider, be careful with your companion. It can mean infidelity or falsehood of the loved one.
If you are trapped in a spider web, your relationship may be compromising your freedom.

It is a sign of imprisonment and little power of reaction. Dreaming about a black spider means that you have been disappointed in yourself by taking the wrong actions; however, a brown spider represents the disease or excessive concern about the illness.
The white spider represents the woman's desire to command. If you are a man, it is the fear of being commanded by a woman!

Dreams about cat

Golden Cat Laying on lights
Watch out! Dreaming about a cat can mean a bad omen in life, such as hypocrisy, disloyalty; sorrows in love, such as fights, separations, or betrayals. Especially if, in the dream, cats are attacking, scratching, or angry.
If you see cats running away, for example, beware of possible betrayal. Cats fighting is a bad omen: loving separation. Dreaming about a black cat can be linked to anxiety, impatience, and restlessness. If the black cat is dead, it is a sign that you may be letting go of the fear of dominating.
However, dreaming about a white cat can symbolize unconditional love for someone. It means that your illusions are balanced, and you can be in love. The gray cat can symbolize damage to health, but also that someone distant may be forcing a friendship.

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