6 Impressive Facts About Chatbots in Today's Technology

You've probably heard about how chatbots are growing and have space in several companies. If you are still not so sure about the use of this technology, it may be time to learn some facts about chatbots.
This advanced conversational software is not intended to replace humans or be confused with them, but can help with many tasks. Due to their practicality and ability to optimize the attendance and information access systems, they are increasingly popular.
Do you want to know more about this market? Check now these 6 facts about the chatbots that we have separated for you!

Chatbots are already a reality

what you didnt know about chatbots
Do not think that they are just a trend for the future, as chatbots are present here and now. There are already more than 30 thousand on Facebook in more than 200 countries, which can be used, even, for payment. In a survey by the Business Insider portal, 67% of respondents claimed to have used a customer support chatbot in 2016. That is, it cannot be denied that they have already arrived with everything.

The Chinese love chatbots

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The Chinese have a passion for chatbots and are fascinated by one in particular: Xiaoice. Created by Microsoft, this bot already has more than 40 million users and has the personality of a teenager. On average, the Chinese have 23 conversations per session with her - to give you an idea, the average of other chatbots is between 1.5 and 2.5 conversations per session.

Customers want to contact you via chat

According to the eMarketer portal, communication via chat or messaging applications is already the preferred service for 29% of consumers. With 1.4 billion people using messaging apps worldwide, that statistic is yet to rise.
In another study, this number is even higher: 49% of all respondents prefer to conduct their interactions via chat. Among millennials - the generation of those who were born in the late 20th century and today are young adults - the percentage rises to 54%.

Chatbot recommendations are welcome

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A much appreciated feature of chatbots is making recommendations and acting as curators for entertainment , products, travel, fashion, and other sectors. According to PwC, 55% of consumers are likely to select media chosen by chatbots or artificial intelligence.
One study showed that 37% of American consumers would be happy to receive recommendations via chatbot. The percentage rises to 48% among millennials. Also, the same 37% are ready to make their purchases through this service channel.

Functionality matters more than personality

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Many developers are very concerned with developing a chatbot with a distinct personality. Building a friendly personality is always a good idea, but functionality is even more important to customers.
For 48% of survey respondents, the ability to solve problems is the most important thing in a chatbot. What's more, in another analysis, 40% of people answered that it doesn't matter if they are talking to a bot or a human being, as long as their needs are heard and met.

The future is promising

the future of chatbots
If the present is already being good for chatbots, the future promises to be even better. See some data that prove that chatbots are here to stay!
⦁ chatbots will generate an annual cost reduction of 8 billion dollars by 2022;
⦁ when asked what new technologies they want to use, 80% of a group of executives stated that they have or intend to have chatbots by 2021;

Therefore, there is no doubt that chatbots are the present and future relationship between consumers and brands. They are already revolutionizing service protocols and should continue to increase.
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